Throw Back Thursday

Hands from Jewel

“If I could tell the world just one thing, it would be that we’re all OK”. Still remember that lyrics folks? Can you guess who sing that song and the title of the song? Right! It’s Hands from Jewel. I’m sure all of you still remember with this awesome singer and her unique country voice. Jewel has been one of the most successful singer since 1990’s era until now. I feel so lucky that my mother let me watch MTV whole day after school at that time so I could grew up with this awesome song.

There are so many Jewel’s songs that I really love, like Foolish Games and Standing Still. But, Hands definitely one of my favorite song all the time. Hands was taken from her second studio album called Spirit which was released on November 1998. Jewel collaborate with Patrick Leonard to wrote this song. In 2016, this song was covered by Trisha Yearwood as a part of soundtrack from musical series, The Passion.

Okay, if you a little bit forget about this song, I’m gonna remind you. You can press the play button in the Spotify below and tell us what do you think. You also can share your favorite 90’s or early 2000’s favorite song by give the comment in our blog. Thank you. 🙂



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