In Our Humble Opinion

The Little Story Behind New Music Friday

Ever wonder why there’s rarely new music from Monday to Thursday? Ever heard a term called, New Music Friday? Ever notice that, indeed, there are new musics on Friday, even Spotify creates playlist that gather new music on Friday? Why Friday? Why not Monday or Tuesday and so on?

Well, it used to be Tuesday, at least in America.  The day of the new music release used to be Tuesday for around 25 years. But then technology shapes the world into a new form. Now, people able to stream music and has a lot access to get the music they like, legally or illegally. If you live in America, where the day of the new music used to be Tuesday, you could buy the new music by Tuesday, while people who live in, says, Indonesia, need to wait for couple months more. If people couldn’t help to wait, there’s a fat chance that they choose to download music illegally, thanks to the advance of the internet. And what happen when the music finally released in the other country where people already download it illegally? Well, they will find buying the album is no longer appealing.

That, become the reason why music industry decided to make a global day of new music release. Then, why Friday? The decision was made by the result of a survey conducted in eight countries. Most participants, around 68%, choose Friday or Saturday as the global new music release day. So, starting July 10th, 2015, music industry starts releasing new music on Friday.

By specifying the global new music release day, it is expected that not only people will stop downloading music from illegal sites, but also helping musicians to promote their music via social-media effectively–because on that day, excited fans will regularly checking new music on Friday. And in the end, excitement is one of the impulsive factors that drive people to buy something.



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