Throw Back Thursday

Coffee & TV from Blur

Can’t believe it’s already Thursday and it means it’s time for Throwback Thursday. Okay, this time I will take you to the year of 1999 and try to remind you about one of the legendary band from London, Blur. Yupp, Damon Albarn and his friends already introduced us to their great music and become one of the most influential band in music history.

I choose Coffee and TV as our Throwback Thursday for this week. Coffee and TV was taken from Blur’s sixth album called 13 which released on March 1999. I’m sure all of you still remember the music video where you can see the milk box walking around the city. Honestly, my tears always fell every time I saw the ending part of the video where the milk box start to fly away and finally meet the ‘girl milk box’ who already stepped before in the sky then they start to fly together. It makes me so sad until there was a time when I didn’t want to see the video anymore. But somehow, I still think this is one of the best music video ever.

Okay, if you really missed the song and the video, let me remind you a little bit. Just press the play button below and enjoy the music. Thank you



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