Throw Back Thursday

Bent by Matchbox Twenty

It’s time for Throwback Thursday! This time I want to take you to the year 2000 and I’m sure you’re still remember about this legendary band leads by Rob Thomas. Can you guess what band is it? Right! It’s Matchbox Twenty! Well, once again my  brother already poisoned me with his music taste, but I have to admit that he has a good music taste. And also my junior high school friend is one of Matchbox 20’s big fans so I get influenced by people around me to hear their music. But yes, I think Matchbox Twenty already gave a big contribution for music industry in 2000’s era.

Okay, I will remind you a little bit about this band by letting you to hear one of my favorite song from Matchbox Twenty and its called Bent. I’m quite sure all of you still remember this song. Bent was taken from their second studio album Mad Season which released in May 2000. If you a little bit forgot about this song, just press the play button below and let see if you still remember the lyrics or not. You can also share your favorite 90’s and early 2000’s by give a comment in our blog. Thank you and enjoy the music. 🙂



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