Currently Listening To

Retreat by Trella

Our currently listening for this week come from one of the most promising indie pop singer-songwriter, Trella. I found her music through Spotify and I just straight to love her music since the first time I heard one of her song called Retreat. Retreat is a mid-tempo pop song with an awesome beat and rich melodies. Trella also gave Retreat a little touch of jazz element by put in the sounds of saxophone in this song. Somehow, this song can make you calm and carried away by the melodies of the song. Retreat was written to let people remind about their home – people, person, place, or other things that acts as a retreat from life’s chaos.

Trella also already released other songs called Crash and Christmas Eve I’m Yours. Now, Trella still working and preparing for her upcoming debut EP, Vapor, which already in the process of writing and recording. And honestly, I’m so amazed with her music passion when I read her profile in her music website. It is so inspiring to see someone try to write a music to help other people through their darkest time and let people know that they are not alone with the pain they have or they had been through. Trella try to reveal hope that can be found in the middle of the pain with her music. She is such an amazing artist.

Okay, if you haven’t heard her music, try to press the play button below and let me know your thoughts about her music by give the comment in our blog. Thank you and enjoy the music. πŸ™‚



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