Most Anticipated


I’ve been talking about this duo for months, but haven’t properly introduce them as our one of Most Anticipated artists. IDER is a stage name for Megan Markwick and Lily Somerville, a London-based duo. I have lots expectations and anticipation toward their, hopefully, EP or LP which, again, hopefully will be out next year.

The expectation come from their 4 released singles, which are SorryPulseKing Ruby, and Million. By hearing those singles you get a glimpse how sure IDER with the colour of their music. The quality of their singles, how neat they produce them, are pro and make me wonder why don’t they release their EP soon. As a duo, the harmony between their voice sounds effortless, they complete each other part. The way they arrange their melody, the piano and percussion, build an enchanting mood of electro music that leaving the listener to wanting to hear it again and again. You need to listen to their music and see for yourself why you and I have to put IDER to our list of Most Anticipated artists in 2017.



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