Kari Kimmel Is Back With Her New Project EP, Covers Vol.1

Well, I think I’m a little bit late to hear this news. But, just in case you didn’t hear yet about the news, you know what? One of my favorite singer/songwriter and also the queen of TV series and movies soundtrack, Kari Kimmel, is finally back! Since her last studio album Black which was released on 2015, Kari Kimmel is back with her new cover song project EP called Covers, Vol.1. This EP actually already released since December 12th 2016.

Covers, Vol. 1 include four classic cover song: Rocket Man (Sir Elton John), Against All Odds (Phil Collins), Eternal Flames (The Bangles) and Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash). Kari Kimmel re-make this song with new music arrangement and put the element of her music and vocal character in every songs and makes all songs more refreshing to hear. So, if you haven’t heard this EP yet, I think you have to press the play button below and let me know your thoughts about this EP. Thank you and enjoy the music. 🙂



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