Currently Listening To

m’lover by Kishi Bashi

I fall in love with this song since the intro. Hey ho, the melody of this song is so dynamic and uplifting mood.

Kishi Bashi is a stage name of Kaoru Ishibashi, an America musician. He is known as a singer, songwriter, and a multi-instrumentalist–he plays violin, guitar, keyboards and also do the programming. This radiant song, m’lover, is taken from his latest studio album, Sonderlust, which out last September this year. Like I said before, this song grips my attention since the intro. I love how he reveals bite by bite the music composition–soon after the finger picking guitar or violin–here comes the mystery–intro, he greets you with a playful percussion and a building tempo, next thing you know he teasing you to dance along the chorus part. Man, this song pour lots of good vibe into its listener. It’s hard to keep feeling gloomy when you hear these enchanting tunes. Here, press the play button and let’s, even for a moment, feel happy with Kishi Bashi’s love song, m’lover.



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