Album Review

Album Review: Neptune by Tall Heights

I found out about Tall Heights around two months ago. Despite my super late discovery, this folk duo from Boston, USA, actually already started their music journey since 2009. But Neptune is their major label debut. Before that, Tim Harrington–singer & guitarist and Paul Wright–singer & cellist, had released EPs, which were Rafters (2011) and Holding On, Holding Out (2015); an album, called Man of Stone, and a collaboration work with Ryan Montbleau in All or Nothing / Fast Car.

It was River Wider that caught my attention. That slow down tempo bewitched me into digging more music from Tall Heights. I did not regret it for it escort me into this album. I remember that the first 3 songs are enough to convince me to buy their album, Neptune. And after fully listening to the whole album, I know I want to share their music to you guys too.

Neptune is the perfect company in your lazy weekend, your road trip time in this rainy season, your evening tea time, or your snuggling bliss moment. Its calming songs are easy listening and have this kind of magic that able to soothe your worry. The album, released last August, consists of 12 songs. The first song called Iron in the Fire is like a casual introduction of what you can expect from this album–the slow down tempo and vocal harmony. If you enjoy it, you’ll be likely fall into this album. To secure your attention, they put Spirit Cold, where percussion become one of the striking point along with the enchanting duet between the guitar and cello. Next, here come my favourite one, River Wider. This has been my swing dance soundtrack and I bet you can’t resists the cello temptation to dance too.

They don’t want you to stop dancing or reducing your excitement since the next song, No Man Alive and The Runaway are a building tempo song. While Infrared and Backwards and Forwards don’t really hooking my attention, their next song, Horse To Water bring my mind wandering around, thinking how does it feel to have a solo trip to Iceland. Yes, because that song since chill to my bone, I love how they deliver the emotion of this song, the cello ensure it. Two Blue Eyes has almost the same effect with Horse To Water, only it’s less gloomy. Unfortunately, the last three songs, Cross My MindGrowing, and Wayfarers aren’t my cup of tea. The totally slow down tempo fails to grip my attention and, quite often, making me skip them and jump into the first song again.

Here, take a listen to Tall Height’s new album, Neptune, and share with me what you think about them 🙂



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