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Best Album In 2016 (Elsa Version)

I can’t believe we’re already in the beginning of 2017. We found 2016 become one of the most exciting year in music industry. There are some musicians who just released their new album after quiet long time. We also found so many new musicians with a great music potential who just released their debut EP. So, as a tribute to 2016 and to welcome 2017, we decided to make our own version of best album in 2016. Okay, here’s the list:

5. Broods – Conscious


After their success debut album, Evergreen, electro pop duo band from New Zealand, Caleb Nott and Georgia Nott, are back with their second studio album, Conscious. Conscious was released on June 24th 2016 and include 13 songs with their main single Free and Heartlines. They add some musical instruments in their second album like guitar, organ, and electro piano as their based electronic sound. You will get more upbeat melodies than you heard in their first album. But, I have to admit, Georgia’s gorgeous voice always become their music gravity that always made me stuck to listen their album.

Most Favorite Song: Full Blown Love

4. Tom Odell – Wrong Crowd


Thanks to my blog partner who already introduced me to this gorgeous and undeniable musician, Tom Peter Odell. He released his second studio album Wrong Crowd on June 10th 2016. His music definitely something really nice to hear. The tunes of piano become the heart of his music. Not forgot to mention the way Tom Odell sing every songs in this album. His voice will drag you to feel the way he feels through this song. In some songs, he also add strings instruments that makes the melodies become really worth to hear. Definitely so good.

Most Favorite Song: Silhouette

3. Repartee – All Lit Up


Repartee become one of the awesome new musician that I found this year. All Lit Up is their successful debut album which was released in April 29th 2016 and include eight great songs. Repartee’s main single Dukes totally got my eartention at the first time I heard this song and makes me wondering the other songs in this album. And I have to admit All Lit Up is a really great album and I have no doubt at all to put it on 3rd place of my favorite album in 2016. They turned electro-pop into a different vibes which makes their music become something to be anticipated.

Most Favorite Song: Dukes

2. Ladyhawke – Wild Things


Ladyhawke definitely took the number 2 spot in my favorite album of the year. Her third studio album Wild Things was released on June 3rd 2016 and definitely makes me falling in love with her music in one time play. Three words to describe this album: danceable, addicting, and refreshing. Somehow I feel overwhelmed every time I listened each songs in this album. The way Ladyhawke mixed up the sound of electronic instrument and other musical instruments especially piano makes her music has a great powerful melodies and definitely something really worth to hear.

Most Favorite Song: Wonderland and Money To Burn

1. The Strumbellas – Hope


And finally, we’re already on the number 1 spot and yes, I have no doubt at all to put The Strumbellas as my most favorite album in 2016. Once again, thanks to my blog partner and also my best friend who already introduced me to their music. Hope is The Strumbellas’s third studio album which was released on April 22th 2016. Hope become one of the most entertaining and the most enjoyable album that I’ve ever heard through this year. They turned folk-rock into something really nice to hear with the sound of many traditional music instruments like violin and banjo. The combination between the melodies, the lyrics, and Simon Ward’s voice makes every song has a different vibes and makes me so thrive when I listened to this album. Also, the composition of the song in this album is so wide. You can find up-tempo song (Young & Wild), mid-tempo songs (Spirits, Wars, Dogs, We Don’t Know, David), and slow-tempo songs (Shovel & Dirt, The Hired Band, The Night Will Save Us, I Still Make Her Cry, Wild Sun ) in this album.

Most Favorite Song: Dogs and Wars

That’s it! That’s my top 5 best album in 2016. We definitely can’t wait to see what will happen in 2017. Based on our article about most anticipating musician, I think 2017 will be wonderful year. Okay, now, why don’t you share and let us know about your favorite album in 2016. We will be glad to read your opinion. Thank you for already visit our blog through 2016. Wish you have a wonderful year ahead folks!



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