In Our Humble Opinion

Best Albums in 2016 (Ika version)

Wow, can’t believe that 2016 just passed us! Though we are ready to embrace 2017, we thought we will share our own version of “5 Best Albums in 2016” as a tribute to 2016. Please note that this lists are pure our opinion and we will be more than glad if you share with us too your own version of 5 best albums in 2016 🙂

Okay, here comes my 5 Best Albums in 2016:

5. Big Mess by Grouplove


Released on last September 9th, 2016, the third album from Grouplove, Big Mess, won my heart for its full energy tunes. Some songs are a perfect companion for your morning errands. I once described this album as “a roller coaster mood journey” because you can dance and sing wholeheartedly at some point and at the other you just want to sit and listen to Hannah Hooper’s and Christian Zucconi’s voices.

Most Favourite song: Don’t Stop Making It Happen

4. Robyn Sherwell by Robyn Sherwell

Robyn Sherwell album

This debut album of British electro-pop singer, Robyn Sherwell, was immediately captivating me when I heard it. For a debut album, Sherwell successfully introduce her music colour. You can find a red line in every song in this album–minimal instruments, like piano, guitar or pounding drum, that pointing out her soft, soulful voice. Her voice maybe sound soft, but you can feel the firmness of her music in the melody. I rarely found an album where all the songs are equally enjoyable, but I dare to say that this debut album is the totally enjoyable one.

Most Favourite song: My Hand

3. Wrong Crowd by Tom Odell


I am a new fan of Tom Odell music, thanks to his second album, Wrong Crowd, which out last June 10th, 2016. I love how Odell deliver each song, full emotion and mean it. I love the simple yet deep lyric and the richness melody in every song. I remember how this album bewitched me, dominating my music preference, for months I just want to listen to this album. Well, I think any other Odell’s fans will agree that this album worth the 3 years of waiting.

Most Favourite song: Silhouette

2. Wild World by Bastille


I love Bastille’s music since their debut album, Bad Blood, era. And I’m glad their second album, Wild World, shows how their music grow. They explore their music using new instruments, even widen up their genre, and I love, love, love, how you still be able tracing their true colour despite the lot of new tunes. Also, I salute them for their thoughtful lyrics, their effort to raising awareness of what is happening in this social politic life, in this, indeed, wild world.

Most Favourite song: Way Beyond

1. The Colour in Anything by James Blake


I put James Blake’s third album, The Colour in Anything, in the first place for one ultimate reason, which I proved it my self. The reason is, his album triggers me to creates another form of arts.

Most Favourite song: Modern Soul

There, my 5 best albums in 2016. We’ll be more than glad if you share with us your best albums in 2016 too 🙂 Happy new year, folks!




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