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Hypnotise by Polarheart

Another Australian musician already stole my attention. This time it comes from indie electro-pop duo band from Sydney, Polarheart.Well, I have to admit that I was too late to find out about their awesome music and I’m quite sure so many of you already heard about them. I found Polarheart through Spotify and one of their song called Hypnotise totally success to hypnotized me to press the reply button over and over again until now.

Hypnotise is definitely a danceable and earcatchable semi-upbeat song with a great rhythm from the combination of electronic music instruments. Plus, Mary Rose’s smooth and beautiful voice makes this song so worthy to hear. All I can say is the duo of Mary Rose and Chris Chidiac already created something that gave us a great listening experience. I think if you like Broods, you will delighted to listening their music. So, what are you waiting for, press the play button below to hear their awesome song called Hypnotise. Oh, and don’t forget to share your opinion in our blog okay?! Thank you and enjoy the music 🙂




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