Throw Back Thursday

Complicated by Avril Lavigne

I would like to take you to the 2000’s alternative pop era with this queen, Avril Lavigne. I bet you’ve heard her music. Yes, she was quite an anomaly in the pop music that time. With her powerful vocal and a touch of rock music, she brought fresh air and no wonder her debut album, Let Go–which out in 2002, shot her name to the top.

My first encounter with Avril’s music was through this song, Complicated, taken from her first album. I remember both my sister and big brother love her music too, we even sang this song together when we saw the music video. Maybe because the universality of the theme in this song and the lyric doesn’t sound shallow or too girly, or maybe because the melody is utterly likeable and easy listening, or maybe because of both factors, thanks to Avril’s music, the three of us, finally, have something to agree on. Now, hit the play button and enjoy your journey back into 2000’s era. *wink wink*




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