Currently Listening To

Stitches From Mr Little Jeans

Our currently listening for this week is Stitches from Mr. Little Jeans. For me, this is a kind of song that literally gives you chills and you know you will falling in love with this song after second it starts. Yupp, I totally like this song since the first time I hear the beat of the drum at the intro.

Stitches is a part of Norwegian electro-pop musician Mr. Little Jeans a.k.a Monica Birkenes’ new EP Fevers which already released on October 2016. Stitches definitely an outstanding track with a simple, undeniable, and irresistible melodies combined with Mr. Little Jeans’ stunning voice. All of those things makes Stitches become something not just great, but also really worth to hear.

Have you listened Stitches, folks? I bet you will love this song too. Don’t forget to share your opinion about this song by give a comment in our blog. Thank you and enjoy the music folks!



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