Throw Back Thursday

Buses and Trains From Bachelor Girl

First, I’m so sorry for skip the Throwback Thursday article last week. But, we’re back!! Yesterday, I accidentally found one of my favorite 90’s song in Youtube. I think it’s been so long since the last time I hear this song when I was in elementary school. I think you  already know about this Australian pop-duo band, Tania Doko and James Roche. Yupp, we talk about Bachelor Girl.

Still remember Bachelor Girl huge and famous debut single called Buses and Trains, folks? I’m quite sure all of you still remember about this song. Buses and Trains was taken from their first studio album Waiting For The Day which was released on November 1998. This song becomes a hit song at that time and reach high position in music chart worldwide. I remember I can’t stop singing this song every time I heard it on MTV.

Okay, if you a little bit forget about this song, let me remind you a little. Just press the play button below and let see if you still remember the lyrics or not. Don’t forget to share your favorite 90’s and early 2000’s song in our blog. Thank you and enjoy the music!



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