Album Review

Album Review: Resonate from Nosoyo

Another interesting album that I found in the beginning of 2017. This time it comes from Berlin-based alternative indie-pop duo band, Nosoyo. I accidentally found one of their irresistible songs called Old Soul through Spotify and I totally falling in love with this song at the first hear. Donata Kramarz (vocalist)  and Daim de Rijke (drummer) definitely bring something relaxing and great treat for our ears. Their music character is so calm with the touch of piano tunes and the beat of the drums makes the melodies so addicting.

Nosoyo just released their debut LP Resonate which was released on February 17th 2017. This LP include 11 great songs. They put Old Soul as the opening song for their LP. Somehow this song success to give a great first impression about this album and makes me curious with another songs. The melodies and the tunes of piano plus Donata Kramarz’s voice perfectly fit each other and makes this song so beautiful and really addicting. Losing Time also has a catchy melody to hear.

Next song is 6 or 7 Weeks. From my opinion, this song is quite unique and I really love Kramarz’s voice in this song. Her voice so smooth and the way she said ‘six’ over and over again at the chorus reminds me the way Joe Newman from Alt-J sang. I think it will be awesome if this two great bands singing together. Nosoyo makes the music beat a little faster with a song called Resonate. Somehow, this song will be a great driving song. I can imagine myself drive while singing this song. Maybe a little bit dancing.

After an upbeat song, Nosoyo slow the tempo with As Close As We Get. The sound of piano tunes is quite thick in this song, but I really enjoy this song. Get Used is one of my most favorite song in this album beside Old Soul. This song has a catchy pop elements that makes you just wanna sing. Stuck in the Dark contain sound from electro instruments which makes a really nice beat to hear.  The Weight might not be my favorite one, but the sound of the drum still gives you chills when you hear it.

Disillusioned become another my favorite song in this album. This song has a cheerful melodies which I think it will give you some mood booster if you hear it in the morning. Okay, I think almost of the song in this album become my favorite. Another my favorite song is One Way. Actually this song is a quite simple song, but it has its own muse. The sound of keyboard combined with drum and Kramarz’s voice makes everything so good melodically. Hill To Climb definitely a great song to close the journey of this album. This song has an upbeat melody.

Well, that’s my opinion about Nosoyo’s brand new LP. If you haven’t hear it yet, why don’t you try to listen this awesome duo band music and let us know what’s your opinion. Thank you and enjoy the music folks.




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