Most Anticipated

Most Anticipated Singer: Ella Vos

Our most anticipated singer for this month is Ella Vos. For you who haven’t heard about this awesome musician, well I think you really should hear her music. Ella Vos is an indie electro-pop musician from Los Angeles. I accidentally found one of her song called Little Brother through Spotify and somehow, her beautiful voice and the simple melodies already distract my ears.

Ella Vos already has three singles. Her debut single, White Noise, was released last fall and got awesome response from the listener. White Noise success hit one million plays on Spotify within two weeks after its released and now, this song already hit 10 million plays. Something that rarely happened for musician, especially in their debut career. Her other singles, Little Brother and Down In Flames, also got a huge success with over a million plays after its released until now.

Actually, I have no doubt at all that she will be a huge singer really soon. Ella Vos already bring something different in her music. With down tempo  music character and the touch of electro instruments, piano, and electric guitar, combined with her soft and addicting voice, her music totally become an amazing treat for our ears. Can’t wait until she released her debut EP or maybe LP. It will be so awesome.

So, what are you waiting for? Try to listen one of her great single, Little Brother, on her Spotify below. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinion about her music by give a comment in our music blog. Thank you and enjoy the music folks!



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