Throw Back Thursday

The Sign From Ace of Base

It’s time for Throwback Thursday! Okay, this time I’m gonna take you to the year of 1993. But first, let me told you about my story. I’m quite sure all of you have favorite 90’s song that you still listen until now. Well, I can say I know about this band since I was 4 years old. I remember I heard this song for the first time when me and my family took a vacation to my hometown. I think this is the first foreign song that I ever heard when I was a child. Somehow I falling in love with the upbeat and dance melody since the first hear and honestly, I never put this song outside my playlist until now. Right! I can say that this song already in my playlist for almost 24 years.

Well, the song that I’m talking about is The Sign from Ace Of Base. I’m quite sure most of you still remember about this song, right? I still can’t stop singing and it’s hard to not dance a little bit when you hear this song. The Sign was released on October 1993 and was taken from Ace of Base’s debut album called Happy Nation/The Sign. This song has a catchy melody with a thick element of dance-pop and definitely a great treat for your ears.

Okay, I think I already talked too much. So, I present to you one of my most favorite 90’s and early 2000’s song, The Sign from Ace of Base. Let me remind you a little bit about this song by press the button below. Just prepared to sing and dance a little bit. Enjoy the music and thank you folks!



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