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If U C My Enemies by Rubblebucket


Today is the first Monday in April! To all of you who feel the lack of enthusiasm, here, I share my secret, my one of the songs that never fail energizing my day, come gather and listen to Rubblebucket’s song, If U C My Enemies

My first encounter with this indie pop dance band from Brooklyn, USA, is through their Carousel Ride EP in 2014. After two years, finally Rubblebucket released their new EP, If U C My Enemies–same title as this up beat and catchy song, on last January.

I really love the way they present this song, with blast of brass, then haunting drum, follow by the enchanting Annakalmia Traver’s voice (the way she shouts “Ha!”), and oh the hand clapping part! Not only the addicting tunes that bewitched me, the lyrics also never fail to make me smile and the chorus gets me sing it every time I hear it :)) Gee, see for yourself whether you can resist to swing your body when you listen to this song.



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