Currently Listening To

Crowd Goes Wild from Bien

Incredibly Wow! That’s the first thought that crossed in my mind when I heard one of Bien’s song called Crowd Goes Wild for the first time. I accidentally found this song through Spotify and I totally falling in love with this song since the first drum beat. Somehow, the melodies are so addicting and I really enjoy this song since the beginning until the end. The combination between the drum beats, the sound from synthesizer, and dance-pop elements makes everything really worth to hear. That’s why I picked this song for our currently listening for this week.

For you who might be haven’t heard about Bien before, here’s a little bit info about Bien. Bien is an indie pop band from Nashville, USA. Bien has their own unique music character. They tried to combined synth melodies, string instruments, and also the element of dance beats into a great and enjoyable kind of music. Their music definitely something really worth to hear. Bien already released their self-titled debut EP on 2016. I have a strong feeling that they will be huge really soon.

If you haven’t heard about their awesome music, I think you have to try to listen one of their song called Crowd Goes Wild below. I promise you will falling in love with this song too and just prepare to press the play button over and over again because I think one time play is not enough. Enjoy the song folks and thank you for already visiting Kustosica.



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