Currently Listening To

Call Me by Kate Nash

Kate Nash is back! This time, she’s back with her brand new single called Call Me. I can’t stop listening to this great song since it released on last Friday. That’s why I choose this song as my currently listening for this week.

Melodically enjoyable, lyrically incredible. That’s the first thing that crosses in my mind when the first time I heard this song in Spotify. Call Me has a very catchy melodies from the combination between the guitar’s sound on the chorus, the beat of drum, clapping hands, and of course, the smooth and beautiful voice from Kate Nash herself already made this song so enjoyable, powerful, and really worth to hear. Absolutely and totally a great treat for me.

From some sources that I read, Kate Nash explained about the meaning of this song which I think really deep, motivate, and powerful lyrics. “Call Me is about going through a lot of stuff and surviving it, hitting your lowest point and coming back from that. Once you have, you can help other people get through it too. It’s about pain being useful as it can be used as advice and support and wisdom when other friends/best friend/loved ones go through rough patches. Call on me when you go through it.”

Not just an enjoyable song, but also a meaningful song, right? Her brand new EP, The Agenda, will be released on April 21st digitally. Can’t wait. So, while we wait for her EP, why don’t you try to listen this song and tell us what do you think. Thank you and enjoy the music folks.



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