Currently Listening To

On Your Side by CIN3MA

Okay, I think I’m gonna feel too excited to describe about this song which I choose as my currently listening for this week or maybe this year or maybe lifetime. See, I already said too much. Well, I’m talking about the song called On Your Side by CIN3MA. This songΒ  already become my morning jam and mood booster song. I think I can listen to this song whole day. I always feel so overwhelmed and so happy every time I listen to this song.

I accidentally found this song as a soundtrack for a movie trailer that I saw on YouTube. Somehow this song perfectly match to describe about friendship. Then, I accidentally heard this song again in Spotify and I falling in love with this song since then. On Your Side has an irresistible melodies. The combination between the tunes from acoustic guitar, percussion, and the beat of the drum makes everything so perfect to hear.

Well, I think I already said too much, but I’m quite sure you will love this song since the first time you hear this song. So, just press the play button below and try to hear On Your Side by CIN3MA. Then, let us know your thoughts and opinion about this song.Β  Okay, thank you so much guys for already visiting our music blog and I hope you enjoy the music. πŸ™‚



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