Ella Vos Just Released Her Powerful Brand New Song, You Don’t Know About Me

I definitely love Ella Vos more and more. Somehow, she always success to amazed me with her music. Last Monday, Ella Vos just released her awesome brand new song called You Don’t Know About Me. Melodically beautiful, lyrically powerful. Maybe thatโ€™s how I describe about this song. You Don’t Know About Me has a mid-tempo melody of electronic pop. The combination between the thumping sound of bass, finger snaps, and beautiful voice from Ella Vos definitely makes this song so powerful and really worth to hear. Until now, I’m still addicted to this song.

Not just totally beautiful from the melodies, this song also has a powerful lyrics. Ella Vos gave us a powerful message to all woman through this song. In one source that I found, Ella Vos’ said,

“… I wrote a song about ignorance. About all those little comments we combat throughout the day. About choosing to replace those words with empowering statements. This is my body. About learning to be strong. About not letting anyone tell me who I should or shouldnโ€™t be. Because you donโ€™t know about me.”

So, do not let yourself down or falling apart just because people judgments about who you are. Because they don’t know you, they don’t know what you’re going through right now, they don’t know anything about you. So, keep your head up, be strong, and do not let yourself drown into sadness because sadness is just an absence of happiness.

Wow, I think I already talk too much towards this song. But now, I let you hear this beautiful song from Ella Vos, You Don’t Know About Me. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinion about this song by give us a comment below. Thank you so much for visiting Kustosica and enjoy the music folks.



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