Most Anticipated

Most Anticipated Singer: Sigrid

Our most anticipated singer for this month is a 20 year-old Norwegian singer and songwriter, Sigrid Solbakk Raabe or we known worldwide as Sigrid. I don’t have any doubt at all to choose our most anticipated singer for this month because I’m really sure she’s gonna be a huge star really soon. I’m sure most of you already heard about her before. I’m also sure that most of you agree about how awesome she is, right? Her music definitely something really worth to hear.

I accidentally found her music through YouTube and I falling in love with one of her song called Plot Twist since the first hear. This song is an anthemic pop song with energetic and great melodies. Sigrid’s powerful voice also makes everything so perfect to hear. Her international debut single Don’t Kill My Vibe already become a successful single and got very positive vibes from around the world.

Sigrid debut EP’s, Don’t Kill My Vibe EP, already released since May 2017. This EP include four songs: Don’t Kill My Vibe, Plot Twist, Fake Friends, and Dynamite. All I can tell you is four songs is not enough, but this EP is definitely a great treat for our ears. So, for all of you who haven’t heard about Sigrid’s music, I bet you’re gonna love it since your first time play. Enjoy the music and thank you for visiting Kustosica. 🙂




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