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Secrets by Mary Lambert

Once again, thanks to Shannon Beveridge who already made me discover this great song. Well, maybe I was too late to know about Mary Lambert, but I admit this song is really catchy. Secrets actually was released since August 2014. Lambert collaborate with one of my favorite songwriter, Mozella, and producer, Eric Rosse and Benny Cassete, to produce this song.

Secrets is a pop song with a little bit elements of hip hop. I totally love the melodies and the tunes of piano in this song. It is so catchy, singable, and dance-able. Somehow, Secrets is a great song to sing with your friends while youโ€™re driving or having a road trip. This song already become my morning jam for the last two weeks. Definitely so good, so entertained, and can boost your mood in the morning. Secrets also has a great and powerful lyrics about the Mary Lambertโ€™s confession for every problem that she already went through.

Okay, somehow, Iโ€™m quite sure so many of you already listened to this song since long time ago. *I know Iโ€™m so late. But, let me remind you a little bit about how entertained this song. So, just press the play button below and get ready to sing this out loud with a little bit dance. Enjoy the music and thank you for already visiting Kustosica.



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