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Latch by Natalie Taylor (Disclosure Feat. Sam Smith Cover)

Oh my God! Natalie Taylor, you’re too awesome! Okay, here’s the story. Yesterday, I accidentally found this cover song through Spotify and I think this is the best cover version of Latch that I ever heard so far. I falling in love with this cover song since the first keyboard tunes as an intro and I falling deeper when its combined with piano tunes and drum sound. Plus, Natalie Taylor’s beautiful voice perfectly fit with the melodies. I’m totally hypnotized by the musical arrangement of this Latch version. Wow.. definitely wow.

For you who followed the Beauty and The Beast series maybe you already heard this awesome cover song before as one of the series final soundtrack. And yes, this cover song already mesmerizing me. If you haven’t heard this cover song before, I think you have to listen immediately by press the play button below. And also, don’t forget to share your thoughts or opinion about this song in our music blog.  Enjoy the music and thank you for already visiting Kustosica.



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