Throw Back Thursday

High By Lighthouse Family

It’s Thursday and it means it’s time for Throwback Thursday. This time, I want to take you to the year of 1997. This song is one of my favorite 90’s song. For you who grew up with MTV as your daily TV program, I think you’re still remember this song. Do you remember about Lighthouse Family folks? Yes! Our Throwback Thursday for this week is High from British pop duo, Lighthouse Family.

High was taken from Lighthouse Family’s second album, Postcards From Heaven which was released on 1997. Since it was released, this song was reach no.1 position in many countries’ music chart. That’s why High become the most successful single released by Lighthouse Family.

I remember I keep playing High over and over again after I heard this song for the first time. The melodies, the sounds of the strings, the tunes of piano, the back singer’s voice, and of course Tunde Baiyewu’s voice somehow makes me calm and wants to play this song again and again. Definitely something really nice to hear.

So, do you still remember about this song folks? Let me remind you a little bit about this song and let’s see if you still remember the melodies and the lyrics. Go press the play button below and don’t forget to share your thoughts and also your favorite 90’s and early 2000’s song to us by give a comment in our blog. Enjoy the music and thank you for visiting Kustosica.



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