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Her (Loving You) From Glades

I don’t know how, but Australian music industry can’t stop amazed me with their brilliant musicians. After Gordi and Vance Joy, this time it comes from Karina Wykes, Cam Robertson, and Joey Wenceslao which maybe you already know as members from Glades. I know I might be too late to realize how awesome they are, but yes, I falling in love with their music since I accidentally heard one of their song called Her (Loving You) in Spotify.

Well, actually Her (Loving You) already released since 2015. I have to admit that Karina Wykes’ voice become main attraction since the intro plus its combined with the tunes of piano. Definitely irresistible and when the melodies getting faster it’s totally become a great pleasure for your ears.

Okay, I know maybe many of you already heard whole songs from Glades. So, for you who haven’t heard any music from Glades, try to press the play button below and let us know your opinion about this song or share your favorite song from Glades. We will be happy to respond every single opinion. Thank you for already visit Kustosica and enjoy the music.



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