Gordi Just Released Another Epic New Single, On My Side

Once again, Gordi amazed me and makes me lost my words every time she released her new music. Yes! Gordi is back with her epic new single, On My Side. On My Side is a second single from her upcoming debut album Reservoir which will released on August 25th 2017. This single was released and heard for the first time on Triple J radio on July 11th 2017 along with its cinematic music video.

On My Side is quite different from her other singles before. We usually heard more strings sound, piano tunes, and even electronic instruments in most of her songs. But this time, Gordi introduced us to her different music side. On My Side is melodically more vibrant, upbeat, and anthemic. I think this is the most playful songs I’ve ever heard from Gordi and it is so good and addicting. The sounds of guitar, percussion, and clapping hands makes this song has thick folk melodies than before. Definitely something irresistible and totally a great pleasure for your ears.

I can’t wait to hear her upcoming debut album in August. It will be one of the most anticipated album of the year. But for now, try to listen her epic brand new single and music video On My Side below. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinion about this song by give a comment in our music blog. Thank you and enjoy the music folks!



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