Ella Vos Just Released Another Beautiful New Single, In Your Corner

Ella Vos is back! After she amazed me, and maybe all of us, with her latest single You Don’t Know Me, Ella Vos has returns with her brand new single In Your Corner. This single has been released last Friday and got so many positive responses and great reviews from various sources.

A little bit different with her single before, In Your Corner is an electronic ballad song which has slower tempo, but still hypnotizing us with its melodies and the combination between piano tunes, electronic instruments, and the sounds of snapping finger. Plus, Ella Vos’ voice still mesmerized us as always. Definitely, a great pleasure for our ears.

So, if you haven’t heard Ella’s latest single, I think you have to listen it folks. Go press the play button below and don’t forget to share your opinion about this song by give a comment in our blog. We will be so happy to response every comment from you folks. Enjoy the music and thank you for visiting Kustosica.



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