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Gigs and Festivals on July 2018

Hi again folks. Time goes so fast and its already July. Do you already have a plan to attend a concert? Well, for you who lived in Southeast Asia and Australia and still don’t know what concert will be held this month, you’re in the right place. Here is the list of some concerts and music festivals that will be held on July.

3rd July 2018

Pink – Perth Arena, Perth, WA, Australia.

8th July 2018

Regina Spektor – Hamer Hall, Arts Centre, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

9th July 2018

Regina Spektor – Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

12th July 2018

Pale Waves – Evelyn Hotel, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia.

20th – 22th July 2018

We The Fest 2018 (Lorde, Alt-J, James Bay, Honne, etc) – Jiexpo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia.

21th – 22th July 2018

Good Vibes Festival 2018 (Lorde, Alt-J, Honne, etc) – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

22th July 2018

CHVRCHES – Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

23th July 2018

Pink – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

CHVRCHES – Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

24th July 2018

Franz Ferdinand – Festive Hall, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Ben Howard – Palais Theatre, Saint Kilda, Victoria, Australia.

25th July 2018

CHVRCHES – JCC Plenary Hall, Jakarta, Indonesia

James Bay – Brass Monkey, Cronulla, New South Wales, Australia.

Ben Howard – Palais Theatre, Saint Kilda, Victoria, Australia.

26th July 2018

Ben Howard – Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

27th July 2018

Ben Howard – Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Go get your ticket now before its sold out!


Split Stones, Absolutely Wonderful Gift From The Awesome Maggie Rogers

Well, I am totally lost my words. Maggie Rogers definitely one of the best musician that I ever known. Last Tuesday, she shared a picture of her handwritten letter on Instagram and told us that she will released her brand new song, Split Stones. This song was released as a gift for all her fans who already make her ‘sang louder’ and ‘dance harder’. So, Split Stones might be her last single for a while and this is absolutely a great and wonderful single.

“‘Split Stones’ is a parting gift. This is me saying goodbye for a little while. Here’s to the end of the beginning and the start of everything else.” – Maggie Rogers-

For me, Split Stones already become our song of the month. This song is absolutely awesome and I can’t stop listening since it first released until now.  All I can say, this song is so ‘Maggie Rogers’. Still with R&B and electronic melodies, but this time she add the sound of glass, banjo play, and other nature and earth sound elements which makes everything so perfect to hear and dance. Plus, Maggie Rogers’ smooth and beautiful vocals absolutely fit with the melodies. What a perfect song. Absolutely perfect.

Somehow, Maggie Rogers never failed to amazed me since the first time she introduced us to her debut single Alaska until her awesome debut EP Now That The Light Is Fading. Everything she creates absolutely wonderful. All I can say is thank you so much Maggie Rogers for this absolutely wonderful gift for all of your fans around the world. Definitely can’t wait to hear new things from her.

For you who haven’t heard Split Stones, I think you have to, really have to hear this song and I bet you will falling in love with this song since the intro. Just click the Spotify below and don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinion about this song by give a comment in our blog. We will so happy to give a response for each comment. Thank you for visiting Kustosica.


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Sidecar From Robyn Dell’Unto

I think I falling in love with Robyn Dell’unto’s music. After she impressed me with Common, I’m so curious to find more music from her. Then, I found this irresistible song from her album called Little Lines which actually already released since 2014. It is called Sidecar. I think all of you already hear and know about how good this song. But, if you haven’t heard this song yet, well I bet you’ll also falling in love with this song right away.

Honestly, its been months I think and I still can’t stop listening to this song. Sidecar is an upbeat song with absolutely addicting melodies. The drum beat, the guitar, and the sounds of clapping hands makes everything so perfect to hear. Plus, Robyn Dell’unto’s voice so wow and really fit with the melodies. This song already become my morning jam and mood booster. I always imagine to sing this song with my best friend while we have a road trip.

Go press the play button below and I’m sure you’re gonna love this song at the first hear. Thank you and I hope you enjoy this article.


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Undertow From Panama

Shout out to my best friend and also my partner in this music blog, Rizkana, who already introduced me to this awesome band called Panama. One day, she asked me to hear this song and honestly, it took three times play for me until I finally admit that she is true and Panama definitely has a really good music. My best friend always right when she suggest me to new music so thanks to her.

If you like Kygo, Miami Horror, or Wild Cub, I think you will like Panama too. Panama brings electropop music as their characteristics. Panama already released three EP and Undertow was taken from their latest EP, Hope For Something which was released on last June. This song has addicting melodies from the drum beats, electronic instruments, and of course piano tunes. Definitely a great song to hear.

If you haven’t hear Undertow from Panama, what are you waiting for? Go press the play button below and get ready to dance! Thank you for visiting Kustosica and I hope you enjoy this article.


Album Review

Album Review: Reservoir – Gordi

I think I might too late if I write about Gordi’s latest album, but I hope all of you still can enjoy this article because honestly, I can’t stop listening Reservoir until now. This album is too good, too genius, and too wonderful and somehow its hard for me to describe it. But yes, I already falling in love with Gordi since the first time I hear Can We Work It Out. Then, she released her debut EP called Clever Disguise and once again, I falling in love with each song in that EP. Now, Gordi just released her debut studio album called Reservoir on last August and she never stop amazed me with her music. Okay, let me tell you about this album

Long Way become the first song that you will hear from this album and it is definitely a great song to start the journey from this album. From this song, I can tell you that Gordi absolutely a musical genius. The combination between every instruments and sound effect and of course Gordi’s wonderful voice makes everything so perfect to hear. She proved it once again in the second song called All The Light We Cannot See. This song has more upbeat from the first one, but the element of folktronica already become Gordi’s music characteristic.

The next song is On My Side and I think this is the most upbeat song in this album. The touch of acoustic guitar combined with the percussion and electronic instruments makes everything so beautiful. Quite different with the next song. Bitter End is a slow tempo song with guitar and piano sound as the main interest, but the percussion beats at the end brings something that gave me goosebumps from head to toe. Bitter End definitely one of my favorite from this album.

Heaven I Know also my favorite song from this album. This melodies and the lyrics makes me lost my words to describe about this song. Everything so perfect to hear from the repeated whispered rhythm at the beginning , the looping, piano sound, until the sound layers. Somehow, Gordi try to make us understand what she feels towards this song. The next song called I’m Done. You can hear the folk elements are thicker in this song from the acoustic guitar and trumpets sounds.

For how many times, Gordi proved again that she is totally musical genius through Myriad and Aeon. The sound layers and looping definitely makes me speechless. The string sounds in Aeon is the new thing from her music and makes me falling deeper towards this album. The next song also my favorite song from this album. It is Can We Work It Out. Yes, this song is the first song that makes me falling in love with Gordi’s music. What a perfect combination between the percussion, the guitar, electronic instruments, and of course Gordi’s wonderful voice.

Gordi brings new sound in Better Than Then, Closer To No. This time is electronic guitar and it is so good when its combined with electronic instruments. Something Like This become the last song from this awesome album. As usual, Gordi show us her magnificent skill making wonderful song by the combination from every musical instruments. Definitely so good.

That’s it. Somehow, eleven song never enough for me so I have to play this album over and over again. If I can give this album score, I will give 8.5 for this album. For you who haven’t heard Reservoir yet, I suggest you to hear this album and I guarantee you also falling in love with this album too. Thank you and I hope you enjoy this article.


Album Review

Album Review: Something To Tell You – HAIM

Well, I think its been months since Haim’s latest album Something To Tell You has been released for the first time. Honestly, I have to admit that I had to adapt for a while with Haim’s new music because from my opinion it is quite different from their first album. I have to listen Something To Tell You for three times until I finally got my ‘renaissance’ moment and falling I love with this album. That’s why I insisted to keep writing about Haim’s new album. I’m so sorry if I’m too late to write this article, but I hope you still enjoy this article like you enjoy listening Something To Tell You.

Okay, we’ll starting with the main single and of course, everyone’s favorite, Want You Back.  Who doesn’t like this catchy, danceable, and singable song? If you listen this song while you walking down the road, I bet its hard for you not to dance, right? Because it’s always happen to me. There’something with this song that makes me never bored even I listened it whole day.  Want You Back definitely has a great melodies. The drums, the tunes of piano, the bass, the guitar, even the clap hands and snapping fingers makes a great pleasure for your ears.  Definitely a great song to begin this album.

Nothing’s Wrong also has a great melodies to hear. You can hear the  sound of electric guitar are thicker in this song and of course, the bass sound definitely wow. Shout out to Este! The next song is another my favorite song from this album A Little of Your Love. I falling in love with this song since I hear the intro for the first time. Since then, this song always be my morning jam. The melodies absolutely irresistible.  I think I can’t explain about how good this song, you have to listen it by yourself, but I guarantee you’ll falling in love since the first play.

Ready For You has different melodies from other songs before. This song has more upbeat and the combination between the percussion, acoustic guitar, and electronic instruments definitely the new thing that I heard from their music. But, this song already gave me chills from head to toe. Next song is Something To Tell You.  This song has simple tunes, but like other song, it has a great melodies and somehow hypnotized your ears so you never get bored to finish the journey of this album.

You Never Knew has 80’s melodies with flat and simple drum beats, but the way Haim’s sister mixed the melodies with the bass sound and other instruments makes everything so good to hear. Kept Me Crying also my favorite songs from this album. I can’t stop singing every time I listen this song. The magical melodies and a little bit touch from clapping hand sound plus Danielle’s solo guitar! Definitely wow.

Another favorite song from this album, Found It in Silence. I was surprised when I hear the wonderful string sound at the intro. Definitely something that I never heard in Haim’s first album. It makes everything so refreshing. They slow the tempo with Walking Away, but still the melodies so rich and always great to hear. Somehow the way they sing makes this song so interesting.

Next song is Right Now. The percussion play from Alana and Este definitely makes me lost my words. The piano tunes also wow. That’s why this song also become my favorite one. We close the journey of this album with Night So Long. This song has slow melodies with the guitar and keyboard sound, but once again, Haim sisters makes everything so perfect with their voice.

Okay folks. That’s it! For me, each song has something powerful and makes me want to listen this album again and again. I will give score 8 for this album. If you haven’t heard Something To Tell You, I bet you’ll falling in love with this album too. So, what are you waiting for? Press the play button below and share your thoughts about this album by give a comment below. We will so happy to response each comment. I hope you like this article and thank you for visiting Kustosica. Enjoy the music folks!


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Knock on My Door from Faouzia

Another Canadian musician just stole my eartention with her wonderful and absolutely irresistible music. Well, she is Faouzia, a 16-year old singer and songwriter from Manitoba, Canada. I accidentally found her music through Spotify and her debut single called Knock on My Door already hypnotized me until now. Although she just 16, but Faouzia already won an international songwriting competition who led her to signed a contract to management company. Faouzia definitely the next big thing and also the next rising stars. We have just to wait a little bit.

I absolutely sure you will be falling in love with her single Knock on My Door since the first time you hear the intro. The tunes of piano already gave unforgettable first impression. Then when Faouzia’s awesome and powerful voice collide with the tunes definitely makes me goosebumps from head to toe. The sound of percussion and trumpets makes everything so perfect and makes me falling deeper with the song. Definitely wow and honestly, I lost my words when the first I hear this song.

So, have you listen Faouzia’s debut single Knock on My Door? Well, you have to listen this song and I bet you will falling in love with every aspects of this song at the first play and get ready to push the replay button over and over again. Thank you for visiting Kustosica and enjoy the music.


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Common From Robyn Dell’Unto

For all of you who watch Wynonna Earp series, I guarantee you already knew and maybe falling in love with this song too. Yes! Yes! I’m talking about Common by Robyn Dell’Unto. I think you also agree that this song is so freakin’ good. Somehow, Nicole’s ‘hearteyes’ scene definitely fit with the song. All hail Andrea Higgins as music supervisor for this series who already introduced us to this wonderful music from Robyn Dell’Unto.

Common is an electro-pop song with one of the greatest, very interesting, and very catchy melodies that I’ve ever heard. I bet you will falling in love with this song since you hear the intro for the first time. The sound of percussion definitely the main factor from this song. Plus, Robyn Dell’Unto’s voice is so smooth, beautiful, and fit with the melodies. Definitely a great pleasure for your ears. It’s been weeks and I can’t stop listening this song until now.

A little bit info about Robyn Dell’Unto, she is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Ontario, Canada. God, I don’t know why I just found her music lately. Her music is so good. But, once again, thank you to Wynonna Earp so I can found her.

Okay, for you who haven’t heard about this song. Go listen Common in her Spotify below and trust me, you will love this song too. Thank you for visiting Kustosica and enjoy the music.



Gordi Finally Released Her Awesome Debut Album, Reservoir

Hello again folks! It’s been a while since our last articles. So sorry for our absence. But, thank you for already followed our blog. We will do the best thing we could to give you more information about music. 🙂

Okay, I’m back with this exciting news from one of the best Australian musician ever, the genius from Canowindra, Sophie Payten, or known worldwide as Gordi. For all Gordi’s fans around the world (including me), I bet today will be day that you already wait for so long. I’m quiet sure most of you already gave a mark in your calendar for today. Yes! Yes! Yes! Gordi finally released her awesome debut studio album Reservoir today.  This album includes 11 songs that will make you falling in love with her music deeper and deeper. Absolutely irresistible and totally lovable is the only thing that I can about this album for now. I’m gonna tell you about our review for this album and each songs in our next article for album review category.

For now, try to listen Gordi’s debut album below and I’m sure you’ll falling in love at the first hear. Enjoy the music and thank you for already visiting Kustosica.


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Palace From Hayley Kiyoko

My currently listening for this week is Palace from American singer-songwriter and also an actress, Hayley Kiyoko. Maybe I was too late to discover this great song, but Palace definitely a great pleasure to hear. This song has a catchy beat and irresistible melodies with the combination from electronic instruments and of course, Kiyoko’s beautiful voice.

Palace was taken from Hayley Kiyoko’s third EP Citrine which already released since September 2016. This EP definitely awesome and somehow five songs are never enough for me. For you who haven’t heard this EP, it is not too late. Let your ears hear a great melodies from Hayley Kiyoko. Go press the play button below and try to hear one of my favorite song from Kiyoko’s last EP, Palace. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this song by give a comment in our blog. Thank you and enjoy the music folks.