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Album Review: Reservoir – Gordi

I think I might too late if I write about Gordi’s latest album, but I hope all of you still can enjoy this article because honestly, I can’t stop listening Reservoir until now. This album is too good, too genius, and too wonderful and somehow its hard for me to describe it. But yes, I already falling in love with Gordi since the first time I hear Can We Work It Out. Then, she released her debut EP called Clever Disguise and once again, I falling in love with each song in that EP. Now, Gordi just released her debut studio album called Reservoir on last August and she never stop amazed me with her music. Okay, let me tell you about this album

Long Way become the first song that you will hear from this album and it is definitely a great song to start the journey from this album. From this song, I can tell you that Gordi absolutely a musical genius. The combination between every instruments and sound effect and of course Gordi’s wonderful voice makes everything so perfect to hear. She proved it once again in the second song called All The Light We Cannot See. This song has more upbeat from the first one, but the element of folktronica already become Gordi’s music characteristic.

The next song is On My Side and I think this is the most upbeat song in this album. The touch of acoustic guitar combined with the percussion and electronic instruments makes everything so beautiful. Quite different with the next song. Bitter End is a slow tempo song with guitar and piano sound as the main interest, but the percussion beats at the end brings something that gave me goosebumps from head to toe. Bitter End definitely one of my favorite from this album.

Heaven I Know also my favorite song from this album. This melodies and the lyrics makes me lost my words to describe about this song. Everything so perfect to hear from the repeated whispered rhythm at the beginning , the looping, piano sound, until the sound layers. Somehow, Gordi try to make us understand what she feels towards this song. The next song called I’m Done. You can hear the folk elements are thicker in this song from the acoustic guitar and trumpets sounds.

For how many times, Gordi proved again that she is totally musical genius through Myriad and Aeon. The sound layers and looping definitely makes me speechless. The string sounds in Aeon is the new thing from her music and makes me falling deeper towards this album. The next song also my favorite song from this album. It is Can We Work It Out. Yes, this song is the first song that makes me falling in love with Gordi’s music. What a perfect combination between the percussion, the guitar, electronic instruments, and of course Gordi’s wonderful voice.

Gordi brings new sound in Better Than Then, Closer To No. This time is electronic guitar and it is so good when its combined with electronic instruments. Something Like This become the last song from this awesome album. As usual, Gordi show us her magnificent skill making wonderful song by the combination from every musical instruments. Definitely so good.

That’s it. Somehow, eleven song never enough for me so I have to play this album over and over again. If I can give this album score, I will give 8.5 for this album. For you who haven’t heard Reservoir yet, I suggest you to hear this album and I guarantee you also falling in love with this album too. Thank you and I hope you enjoy this article.


Album Review

Album Review: Something To Tell You – HAIM

Well, I think its been months since Haim’s latest album Something To Tell You has been released for the first time. Honestly, I have to admit that I had to adapt for a while with Haim’s new music because from my opinion it is quite different from their first album. I have to listen Something To Tell You for three times until I finally got my ‘renaissance’ moment and falling I love with this album. That’s why I insisted to keep writing about Haim’s new album. I’m so sorry if I’m too late to write this article, but I hope you still enjoy this article like you enjoy listening Something To Tell You.

Okay, we’ll starting with the main single and of course, everyone’s favorite, Want You Back.  Who doesn’t like this catchy, danceable, and singable song? If you listen this song while you walking down the road, I bet its hard for you not to dance, right? Because it’s always happen to me. There’something with this song that makes me never bored even I listened it whole day.  Want You Back definitely has a great melodies. The drums, the tunes of piano, the bass, the guitar, even the clap hands and snapping fingers makes a great pleasure for your ears.  Definitely a great song to begin this album.

Nothing’s Wrong also has a great melodies to hear. You can hear the  sound of electric guitar are thicker in this song and of course, the bass sound definitely wow. Shout out to Este! The next song is another my favorite song from this album A Little of Your Love. I falling in love with this song since I hear the intro for the first time. Since then, this song always be my morning jam. The melodies absolutely irresistible.  I think I can’t explain about how good this song, you have to listen it by yourself, but I guarantee you’ll falling in love since the first play.

Ready For You has different melodies from other songs before. This song has more upbeat and the combination between the percussion, acoustic guitar, and electronic instruments definitely the new thing that I heard from their music. But, this song already gave me chills from head to toe. Next song is Something To Tell You.  This song has simple tunes, but like other song, it has a great melodies and somehow hypnotized your ears so you never get bored to finish the journey of this album.

You Never Knew has 80’s melodies with flat and simple drum beats, but the way Haim’s sister mixed the melodies with the bass sound and other instruments makes everything so good to hear. Kept Me Crying also my favorite songs from this album. I can’t stop singing every time I listen this song. The magical melodies and a little bit touch from clapping hand sound plus Danielle’s solo guitar! Definitely wow.

Another favorite song from this album, Found It in Silence. I was surprised when I hear the wonderful string sound at the intro. Definitely something that I never heard in Haim’s first album. It makes everything so refreshing. They slow the tempo with Walking Away, but still the melodies so rich and always great to hear. Somehow the way they sing makes this song so interesting.

Next song is Right Now. The percussion play from Alana and Este definitely makes me lost my words. The piano tunes also wow. That’s why this song also become my favorite one. We close the journey of this album with Night So Long. This song has slow melodies with the guitar and keyboard sound, but once again, Haim sisters makes everything so perfect with their voice.

Okay folks. That’s it! For me, each song has something powerful and makes me want to listen this album again and again. I will give score 8 for this album. If you haven’t heard Something To Tell You, I bet you’ll falling in love with this album too. So, what are you waiting for? Press the play button below and share your thoughts about this album by give a comment below. We will so happy to response each comment. I hope you like this article and thank you for visiting Kustosica. Enjoy the music folks!


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Let’s Talk About Bishop Briggs’ Debut EP

What a nice day to wake up and find out that Bishop Briggs, one of my most anticipated artists, just released her debut EP. Bishop Briggs is a stage name of British musician based in Los Angles, Sarah Grace McLaughlin. You may already heard her singles, like River, since last year. Some describe her music as dark pop, some as alternative rock, but one thing for sure, I began to watch her music since the first time I heard her single, River. 

Fresh, crisp, and powerful are what cross my mind when I hear Bishop Briggs’ debut EP. The self-title EP consists of 6 songs, featuring some of her famous singles and two new songs, that I bet will easily winning lots of its listener’s heart.

The EP starts with River, the one that successfully put her name into broader acknowledgment. As an opening, this song is not only convince you that you are in the right track to find something good, but also gives you a glimpse of what will you get. Next in line, she puts a new song, Dark Side. If River’s intro is quite heavy, she starts Dark Side with fingerpicking guitar melody before launch her powerful voice in chorus and effortlessly playing the tension. Determined to keep your attention, Briggs put The Way I Do. She greets you with her high-pitch voice that dance along with the humming background, which slightly reminds me of Rag N’ Bone Man’s music. Next, she gives you a relatively slow tempo songs, Wild Horses and Dead Man‘s Arms, but still with more or less same enchanting formula–support by the choir, hand clapping, and finger clicking. Though I don’t find Wild Horses’ tune as gripping and upbeat as the first 3 songs,  I like how she combines the heavy electro tunes with the guitar. She close the EP with another new song, The Fire. With a simple drum beat that grip my attention, she put her powerful voice on point. It is indeed a clever move because here, it feels like she restating her music nuance and promising you that her music will linger on your mind, which is exactly what I feel now.


Here, take a listen to Bishop Briggs EP and feel free to share with us what you think of the EP 🙂




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Album Review: Resonate from Nosoyo

Another interesting album that I found in the beginning of 2017. This time it comes from Berlin-based alternative indie-pop duo band, Nosoyo. I accidentally found one of their irresistible songs called Old Soul through Spotify and I totally falling in love with this song at the first hear. Donata Kramarz (vocalist)  and Daim de Rijke (drummer) definitely bring something relaxing and great treat for our ears. Their music character is so calm with the touch of piano tunes and the beat of the drums makes the melodies so addicting.

Nosoyo just released their debut LP Resonate which was released on February 17th 2017. This LP include 11 great songs. They put Old Soul as the opening song for their LP. Somehow this song success to give a great first impression about this album and makes me curious with another songs. The melodies and the tunes of piano plus Donata Kramarz’s voice perfectly fit each other and makes this song so beautiful and really addicting. Losing Time also has a catchy melody to hear.

Next song is 6 or 7 Weeks. From my opinion, this song is quite unique and I really love Kramarz’s voice in this song. Her voice so smooth and the way she said ‘six’ over and over again at the chorus reminds me the way Joe Newman from Alt-J sang. I think it will be awesome if this two great bands singing together. Nosoyo makes the music beat a little faster with a song called Resonate. Somehow, this song will be a great driving song. I can imagine myself drive while singing this song. Maybe a little bit dancing.

After an upbeat song, Nosoyo slow the tempo with As Close As We Get. The sound of piano tunes is quite thick in this song, but I really enjoy this song. Get Used is one of my most favorite song in this album beside Old Soul. This song has a catchy pop elements that makes you just wanna sing. Stuck in the Dark contain sound from electro instruments which makes a really nice beat to hear.  The Weight might not be my favorite one, but the sound of the drum still gives you chills when you hear it.

Disillusioned become another my favorite song in this album. This song has a cheerful melodies which I think it will give you some mood booster if you hear it in the morning. Okay, I think almost of the song in this album become my favorite. Another my favorite song is One Way. Actually this song is a quite simple song, but it has its own muse. The sound of keyboard combined with drum and Kramarz’s voice makes everything so good melodically. Hill To Climb definitely a great song to close the journey of this album. This song has an upbeat melody.

Well, that’s my opinion about Nosoyo’s brand new LP. If you haven’t hear it yet, why don’t you try to listen this awesome duo band music and let us know what’s your opinion. Thank you and enjoy the music folks.



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Album Review: To Bring You My Heart from The Katherines

First, I have to tell you that I just need one song to falling in love with this awesome and talented ladies from Vancouver, The Katherines. Right! Another Canadian musician already stole my ears with their great music. Many source called them as ‘Canadian Haim’, but from my opinion their music totally different. Kate Kurdyak, Lauren Kurdyak, and Hansen-Boucher definitely brought something unique to hear.

I accidentally found one of The Katherines’ song, Primitive, through the discover section on Spotify and somehow, I falling in love with this song since the first hear. Then, I feel so curious about their music and I found out they just released their debut LP on last January 2017 called To Bring You My Heart. This album includes 13 songs track list and I have to admit that this album was some kind of great treat for me.

The Katherines introduced us into something unique and refreshing in their debut LP. They bring their own music character and makes each song has its own muse. It makes me feel so overwhelmed and get exciting when I listened their album. Somehow, I can find so many music genres in their music, from pop, rock, dance, R&B, electro, even 60’s pop-blues or the combination between genres. Now I understand why so many source called them as ‘Harmony Masters’.

Cherry Lips definitely a great song to start the journey of this album. This song has a nice drum beat and beautiful sound of dreampop guitar. Both melodies combined with Kate’s smooth voice makes this song so good to hear. Ultra Violet has more beat than other songs with the touch of dance-pop elements. In the third song, The Katherines made a duet with Frederick to sing an interesting synth-pop song called Better Off Now. Their voice just perfect each other. Next song is one of my most favorite song in this album, Primitive. In this song, The Katherines collaborate with Charlie Kerr and Steve Bays to write this song. You can hear the sound of electronic percussion and 80’s keyboard tones and makes this song so catchy to hear. Honestly, I can’t stop listening to this song until now. 🙂

You will hear a great combination between the electronic and classic instruments like cello and violin in breakup ballad song, Heart On The Table. While Minefield and Blank Page represented pop-rock song in this album with the touch of electric guitar. You still can hear string instrument combined with pop melodies in To Bring You My Heart. KiDs also has the touch of electro-pop elements with a catchy melodies.

You definitely has something different from the other song. The Katherines brings the sound of 60’s pop-blues melodies in this song. Definitely something catchy, unique, and refreshing. Wrong Side Of The Bed is another my most favorite song of this album. The pop-dance melodies with the touch of cheerful and playful guitar sound makes this song so great to hear. Tomorrow and Replay brings also has a great melodies and become a perfect way to end the journey of this album.

Overall, this is one of the most enjoying album I’ve ever heard in 2017. The way The Katherines introduce their music character is so unique and refreshing. They are definitely something. I think they will be huge really soon. So, if you haven’t heard their debut LP yet, why don’t you try to listen it and I’m sure you will have a unique experience when you listened this album. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this album by give comment in our music blog. Thank you and enjoy the music folks!


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Album Review: Neptune by Tall Heights

I found out about Tall Heights around two months ago. Despite my super late discovery, this folk duo from Boston, USA, actually already started their music journey since 2009. But Neptune is their major label debut. Before that, Tim Harrington–singer & guitarist and Paul Wright–singer & cellist, had released EPs, which were Rafters (2011) and Holding On, Holding Out (2015); an album, called Man of Stone, and a collaboration work with Ryan Montbleau in All or Nothing / Fast Car.

It was River Wider that caught my attention. That slow down tempo bewitched me into digging more music from Tall Heights. I did not regret it for it escort me into this album. I remember that the first 3 songs are enough to convince me to buy their album, Neptune. And after fully listening to the whole album, I know I want to share their music to you guys too.

Neptune is the perfect company in your lazy weekend, your road trip time in this rainy season, your evening tea time, or your snuggling bliss moment. Its calming songs are easy listening and have this kind of magic that able to soothe your worry. The album, released last August, consists of 12 songs. The first song called Iron in the Fire is like a casual introduction of what you can expect from this album–the slow down tempo and vocal harmony. If you enjoy it, you’ll be likely fall into this album. To secure your attention, they put Spirit Cold, where percussion become one of the striking point along with the enchanting duet between the guitar and cello. Next, here come my favourite one, River Wider. This has been my swing dance soundtrack and I bet you can’t resists the cello temptation to dance too.

They don’t want you to stop dancing or reducing your excitement since the next song, No Man Alive and The Runaway are a building tempo song. While Infrared and Backwards and Forwards don’t really hooking my attention, their next song, Horse To Water bring my mind wandering around, thinking how does it feel to have a solo trip to Iceland. Yes, because that song since chill to my bone, I love how they deliver the emotion of this song, the cello ensure it. Two Blue Eyes has almost the same effect with Horse To Water, only it’s less gloomy. Unfortunately, the last three songs, Cross My MindGrowing, and Wayfarers aren’t my cup of tea. The totally slow down tempo fails to grip my attention and, quite often, making me skip them and jump into the first song again.

Here, take a listen to Tall Height’s new album, Neptune, and share with me what you think about them 🙂


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Album Review: Chaleur Humaine by Christine and the Queens

My first encounter with Christine and the Queens’ music was her single, Tilted. At that time, I was thinking, hey, this is good. But not until I heard Saint Claude that I began curious about her debut album, Chaleur Humaine. So, yeah, forgive my tardiness because, even after months since the album released, I want to write the album review :’)

Christine and the Queens is a stage name of French singer, songwriter, Héloïse Letissier. Before releasing her studio album, Christine and the Queens already released some EPs, which are Miséricorde (2011 and self-released), Mac Abbey (2012), Nuit 17 à 52 (2013), Saint Claude (2015), and Intranquillité (2015). But then, it seems the English version of Chaleur Humaine is the trigger that bring Christine and the Queens name to the broader stage.

Chaleur Humaine, released last February in UK, consist of 12 synthpop songs. Maybe because originally the album was release in French version, there are lines in French language in every song. Though people consider her music in pop territory, she brings thoughtful issues in her songs. Her lyric could be bold, sharp, or poetic, but never cheesy. You’ll feel how personal and deep-thought is her music since the beginning of the album; In iT, she share her point of view about the lack of equality gender in this world.  In Saint Claude, TiltedParadis Perdus, she brings sadness into something that doesn’t always have a right to paralyzed you, you can also embrace it and deal with it. In this album, Letissier works with other musicians, which are Tunji Ige in No Harm Is Done and Perfume Genius in Jonathan. 

After hearing the full album you’ll realize that Christine and the Queens has something unique that differentiate her from other artist. I think it’s because, in every song, Letissier’s voice dance effortlessly with the tunes, whether it’s in pure electropop or with a slightly touch of hip hop and R&B. So, you’ll find that this album is so easy listening to. Powerful voice in upbeat songs, like in Narcissus Is BackSafe and Holy, and Here; and delicate one in slow down tempo songs, like in Paradis Perdus, Half Ladies, Jonathan, and Night 52. It’s a pleasure to just listen to the album.

Now, if you haven’t try to listen to this album, kindly press the play button and share with us your thought about Chaleur Humaine, enjoy!