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Best Album In 2016 (Elsa Version)

I can’t believe we’re already in the beginning of 2017. We found 2016 become one of the most exciting year in music industry. There are some musicians who just released their new album after quiet long time. We also found so many new musicians with a great music potential who just released their debut EP. So, as a tribute to 2016 and to welcome 2017, we decided to make our own version of best album in 2016. Okay, here’s the list:

5. Broods – Conscious


After their success debut album, Evergreen, electro pop duo band from New Zealand, Caleb Nott and Georgia Nott, are back with their second studio album, Conscious. Conscious was released on June 24th 2016 and include 13 songs with their main single Free and Heartlines. They add some musical instruments in their second album like guitar, organ, and electro piano as their based electronic sound. You will get more upbeat melodies than you heard in their first album. But, I have to admit, Georgia’s gorgeous voice always become their music gravity that always made me stuck to listen their album.

Most Favorite Song: Full Blown Love

4. Tom Odell – Wrong Crowd


Thanks to my blog partner who already introduced me to this gorgeous and undeniable musician, Tom Peter Odell. He released his second studio album Wrong Crowd on June 10th 2016. His music definitely something really nice to hear. The tunes of piano become the heart of his music. Not forgot to mention the way Tom Odell sing every songs in this album. His voice will drag you to feel the way he feels through this song. In some songs, he also add strings instruments that makes the melodies become really worth to hear. Definitely so good.

Most Favorite Song: Silhouette

3. Repartee – All Lit Up


Repartee become one of the awesome new musician that I found this year. All Lit Up is their successful debut album which was released in April 29th 2016 and include eight great songs. Repartee’s main single Dukes totally got my eartention at the first time I heard this song and makes me wondering the other songs in this album. And I have to admit All Lit Up is a really great album and I have no doubt at all to put it on 3rd place of my favorite album in 2016. They turned electro-pop into a different vibes which makes their music become something to be anticipated.

Most Favorite Song: Dukes

2. Ladyhawke – Wild Things


Ladyhawke definitely took the number 2 spot in my favorite album of the year. Her third studio album Wild Things was released on June 3rd 2016 and definitely makes me falling in love with her music in one time play. Three words to describe this album: danceable, addicting, and refreshing. Somehow I feel overwhelmed every time I listened each songs in this album. The way Ladyhawke mixed up the sound of electronic instrument and other musical instruments especially piano makes her music has a great powerful melodies and definitely something really worth to hear.

Most Favorite Song: Wonderland and Money To Burn

1. The Strumbellas – Hope


And finally, we’re already on the number 1 spot and yes, I have no doubt at all to put The Strumbellas as my most favorite album in 2016. Once again, thanks to my blog partner and also my best friend who already introduced me to their music. Hope is The Strumbellas’s third studio album which was released on April 22th 2016. Hope become one of the most entertaining and the most enjoyable album that I’ve ever heard through this year. They turned folk-rock into something really nice to hear with the sound of many traditional music instruments like violin and banjo. The combination between the melodies, the lyrics, and Simon Ward’s voice makes every song has a different vibes and makes me so thrive when I listened to this album. Also, the composition of the song in this album is so wide. You can find up-tempo song (Young & Wild), mid-tempo songs (Spirits, Wars, Dogs, We Don’t Know, David), and slow-tempo songs (Shovel & Dirt, The Hired Band, The Night Will Save Us, I Still Make Her Cry, Wild Sun ) in this album.

Most Favorite Song: Dogs and Wars

That’s it! That’s my top 5 best album in 2016. We definitely can’t wait to see what will happen in 2017. Based on our article about most anticipating musician, I think 2017 will be wonderful year. Okay, now, why don’t you share and let us know about your favorite album in 2016. We will be glad to read your opinion. Thank you for already visit our blog through 2016. Wish you have a wonderful year ahead folks!


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Best Albums in 2016 (Ika version)

Wow, can’t believe that 2016 just passed us! Though we are ready to embrace 2017, we thought we will share our own version of “5 Best Albums in 2016” as a tribute to 2016. Please note that this lists are pure our opinion and we will be more than glad if you share with us too your own version of 5 best albums in 2016 🙂

Okay, here comes my 5 Best Albums in 2016:

5. Big Mess by Grouplove


Released on last September 9th, 2016, the third album from Grouplove, Big Mess, won my heart for its full energy tunes. Some songs are a perfect companion for your morning errands. I once described this album as “a roller coaster mood journey” because you can dance and sing wholeheartedly at some point and at the other you just want to sit and listen to Hannah Hooper’s and Christian Zucconi’s voices.

Most Favourite song: Don’t Stop Making It Happen

4. Robyn Sherwell by Robyn Sherwell

Robyn Sherwell album

This debut album of British electro-pop singer, Robyn Sherwell, was immediately captivating me when I heard it. For a debut album, Sherwell successfully introduce her music colour. You can find a red line in every song in this album–minimal instruments, like piano, guitar or pounding drum, that pointing out her soft, soulful voice. Her voice maybe sound soft, but you can feel the firmness of her music in the melody. I rarely found an album where all the songs are equally enjoyable, but I dare to say that this debut album is the totally enjoyable one.

Most Favourite song: My Hand

3. Wrong Crowd by Tom Odell


I am a new fan of Tom Odell music, thanks to his second album, Wrong Crowd, which out last June 10th, 2016. I love how Odell deliver each song, full emotion and mean it. I love the simple yet deep lyric and the richness melody in every song. I remember how this album bewitched me, dominating my music preference, for months I just want to listen to this album. Well, I think any other Odell’s fans will agree that this album worth the 3 years of waiting.

Most Favourite song: Silhouette

2. Wild World by Bastille


I love Bastille’s music since their debut album, Bad Blood, era. And I’m glad their second album, Wild World, shows how their music grow. They explore their music using new instruments, even widen up their genre, and I love, love, love, how you still be able tracing their true colour despite the lot of new tunes. Also, I salute them for their thoughtful lyrics, their effort to raising awareness of what is happening in this social politic life, in this, indeed, wild world.

Most Favourite song: Way Beyond

1. The Colour in Anything by James Blake


I put James Blake’s third album, The Colour in Anything, in the first place for one ultimate reason, which I proved it my self. The reason is, his album triggers me to creates another form of arts.

Most Favourite song: Modern Soul

There, my 5 best albums in 2016. We’ll be more than glad if you share with us your best albums in 2016 too 🙂 Happy new year, folks!



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The Little Story Behind New Music Friday

Ever wonder why there’s rarely new music from Monday to Thursday? Ever heard a term called, New Music Friday? Ever notice that, indeed, there are new musics on Friday, even Spotify creates playlist that gather new music on Friday? Why Friday? Why not Monday or Tuesday and so on?

Well, it used to be Tuesday, at least in America.  The day of the new music release used to be Tuesday for around 25 years. But then technology shapes the world into a new form. Now, people able to stream music and has a lot access to get the music they like, legally or illegally. If you live in America, where the day of the new music used to be Tuesday, you could buy the new music by Tuesday, while people who live in, says, Indonesia, need to wait for couple months more. If people couldn’t help to wait, there’s a fat chance that they choose to download music illegally, thanks to the advance of the internet. And what happen when the music finally released in the other country where people already download it illegally? Well, they will find buying the album is no longer appealing.

That, become the reason why music industry decided to make a global day of new music release. Then, why Friday? The decision was made by the result of a survey conducted in eight countries. Most participants, around 68%, choose Friday or Saturday as the global new music release day. So, starting July 10th, 2015, music industry starts releasing new music on Friday.

By specifying the global new music release day, it is expected that not only people will stop downloading music from illegal sites, but also helping musicians to promote their music via social-media effectively–because on that day, excited fans will regularly checking new music on Friday. And in the end, excitement is one of the impulsive factors that drive people to buy something.


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Hotel Café: Home For Singer-Songwriters

Have you ever heard about Hotel Café before folks? If you haven’t heard about this place, can you guess what kind of place is it? If you think it’s a hotel then you’re wrong. Or if you think it’s a cafe, well you’re wrong again. Give up? Okay, Hotel Café is a live music venue which located on Cahuenga Boulevard, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. This awesome place already well-known as a home for singer-songwriter and a place where singer-songwriter perform their material in front of small audiences and help them established their music career. And yes, so many awesome singer-songwriter who become Grammy winners or Grammy nominees start their career at the Hotel Café.


If you haven’t heard about this place, let’s start from the history of this place. In 2000, Max Mamikunian and Marko Shelter decide to bought an abandoned place at Cahuenga Boulevard to make a coffee shop. Right! This place began as a coffee shop which provide a lot of coffee and live music performance. Everything’s began when a singer-songwriter, Gary Jules, saw the piano through Hotel Café’s windows and convinced Mike Shafer to give him a chance to performed in this place. Many people watched that performance including The Cary Brothers.

Since then, Hotel Café provides music live performance every nights in a week, from new local singer-songwriter until national touring act from famous musicians. Some of the past notable performances in Hotel Café include Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, Meiko, Rachel Yamagata, Laura Jansen, Imogen Heap, Laura Marling, Adele, Ed Sheeran, Mumford and Sons, Greg Laswell, and Damien Rice.

www-discoverhollywood-com (

As the time goes by, the words spread and people more curious about the place and the live music performance that will held in this place. Then, they found so many hidden talents so people start to take notice. Music industry start to take notice. This place also really well-known as the place where movie or TV music supervisor gathered and try to discover up-and-coming music talent for the projects they’re working on. For many singer-songwriters, being perform in front of music supervisor in low-pressure atmosphere definitely become a great chance and bring a huge benefit for any singer-songwriter’s career.

One of the famous music supervisor, Alexandra Patsavas, or we also known as Shonda Rhime’s favorite music supervisor and I think my favorite too used Hotel Café’s website and venue to discover song and musician that she wants to use for the TV series and movie. Honestly, I’m kind of inspired with the music that she choose for the series, like Grey’s Anatomy and The O.C. From this series, she introduced me to new musician that I never heard before and music that actually really worth to hear.

So, in my humble opinion, Hotel Café definitely has a very important roles for every singer-songwriter who just started their music career, for every music supervisor who wants to discover new talents, and for all music lover who loved to discover new music. I wish there are a lot of place like Hotel Café in every country around the world. Honestly, there’s no place like Hotel Café in my country. So, I wish I can build one like that. Aamiin.

Okay, if you know a place like Hotel Café in your country or any kind of place like Hotel Café, you can shared with us by give your comment in this article. Thank you for giving your time to read this article and I hope you enjoy it. Thank you. 🙂


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Unsigned/Independent Musicians: The Real Struggle In Music Industry

Actually, I just realized this is the third time I talked about indie music for IOHO category. I’m so sorry and honestly I don’t know why. Sometimes I’m amazed with so many musicians who try to introduce their music independently, from the writing process until they published their own music. Not like some  musicians who signed a contract with major record label,  unsigned or independent musician often struggling with some things to introduce their own music.

As the variation of music genre grows wider recently, we can find so many independent musician everywhere. For all of you who like to dig and discover some new music, I’m sure you can find some kind of treasure in their music. Well, not like another famous musician who we can find easily in television, radio, or any website, sometimes indie musician rely on people or listener to find their music.  From what I saw, maybe they have their own reason why they don’t signed a contract with any record label.  They might be want to make their own music, doesn’t want to be told about what they should do or shouldn’t do, or they are actually doesn’t have selling target. Independent musician just want to produce and introduce their creativity through music and self-belief that their music deserve to be heard.

Actually, I’m not an indie musician or someone who produce things so maybe my opinion could be wrong. But, I have some thoughts about the things that makes indie musicians struggling in music industry. The first thing that cross in my mind is about production cost. Well, this might become the main problems for every indie musicians with limit budget to produce music. They have to rent a record studio or additional player, bought musical instruments, and produce their music through CD or vinyl. But, in the other side, indie musicians has something that any musician with major label doesn’t have. It’s freedom. They are the one who decide how to make their own music, how and when to release their music, where they want to held gigs, how to promote their music, how many music video they will make, how much they will sell their music, and other things. They are the one who control everything and no one holds them back. When they could control everything, they will find their own way to produce their music with their own budget.

The next thing is people’s music taste. Indie musician create music based on their music passion and vision without thinking what kind of music that happening right now. Because actually, people will search music based on the style of music they like and enjoy. Sometimes, music that we heard on the radio or television doesn’t fit with our ears or music taste so we tried to discover new things. And yes,  people thrive to explore so many kind of new music and sound so we always feel curious to find our next favorite band or singer.

The last thing is about self-publishing and promotion. Well, maybe this is the main things from the whole process of independent music production. Every indie musicians definitely wants their music to be heard by people around the world. But maybe, back to the budget problem, some indie musician can’t effort things like press conference, launch/released party, being recognized by Spotify or other website, and other things to promote their music. But now, there are so many website who curate and help to promote so many kind of indie music, like Bandcamp, Indieshuffle, Soundcloud, or MySpace. This websites definitely gave a huge impact for every independent musician nowadays. I could find so many great indie musicians through these websites. Beside that, there are so many indie musicians who finally become a success band or singer through their own network, friends, or fanbase without help from major labels.

Okay, that’s my opinion about the things that might be every indie musician had been through in the process to produce their music. If you have other opinion about indie musicians or music, you can give your comment and share it with us. Thank you so much.


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Let’s Talk About Music Piracy

Creative industry, including music industry, has been in a long and exhausting war. What kind of war? A piracy one. The vast growing technology is not only bring a lot of benefits, but also a major disaster for its user. Since the internet era, it seems like piracy turns into a gigantic Pacman that keep eating artist’s copyright. If piracy gives so much loss to the artist then why people keep it alive? Ignorance or a pure lack of understanding could be the answer of why some people still become part of this music piracy. Maybe if they truly understand what piracy does to the artist life, they will open their eyes and ears and hearts to stop practicing piracy.


Why do people participate in digital music piracy? Some people do that because they have no access to the original work. Please bear with me and take a look at to this point of view. For people who live in the first or second world, it probably easy to find a cd or vinyl of some musicians, but you can’t say the same to the people who live in developing world. They don’t have a lot of access to buy the music because, the ugly truth is, only certain music, especially the one who has been promoted by the radio, that they probably could find and buy in their country. You can easily find Marroon 5 or One Direction cds and vinyls in most countries but you can’t say the same if you want to buy alt-J or The Strumbellas. Not that I’m trying to justify the act of music piracy, no. Piracy, just like any other form of crime, can happen if there’s a way to let it happen. All I want to talk here is maybe if they know there’s an alternative ways to support musician in a legal way, they’ll be willingly stop practicing piracy. Now, what are the alternatives? First, you can obviously always go with iTunes. No further explanation needed here. But what if you aren’t the iPhone user? Worry not, there are couple of websites that work together with the musicians that let you stream their music legally. What are their names? some are Spotify, Soundcloud, Noisetrade, Bandcamp, you google it. From there, you can visit the official artists sites to buy the music you like using your cc or paypal. If you don’t have one, then just stream, don’t take the shortcut to download it illegally.

Unfortunately, half of the other people who commit piracy is fully aware of what they did and simply just want to pay half price or free for music they like. If that’s the case, what should we do? We need to talk, guys. In a simple and short logic way, we can begin to think about this: We enjoy their work, some people even admit that music save their life, so the least we can do to express our gratitude is by stop become part of the piracy. Let’s take a look the poster below and put those sentences into our afterthought.

Mark Miodownik--Stuff Matters

Source: Penguin Books UK twitter account @PenguinUKBooks

Think about the poster above. What if because we’re being greedy and keep practicing piracy, our fave musicians will no longer able making music–or worse, in the future, there will be no more music. Because, come on, don’t be näive, it takes money to produce music. Unless the artists say we can take it for free then don’t take it. We sure don’t want people to enjoy our hard work but value it as nothing right? Because our work is not an air which you can take it for free. I don’t want to bore you with my long long speech. So, let me close our talk with this creative poster about awareness to enjoy music legally. Feel free to leave us comments if you want to share your opinion about music piracy or if you find another creative campaign form 🙂 Let’s spread the words and respect each other work!

Respect the Artist, Buy the Music

Source: My bad, I found this poster around 2013 but forget to take a note who made this. If you know whose poster is this, please kindly let me know, so I can put it on the credit. I use this because it simply explain everything about why we should respect artists work. 


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Music Behind TV Series and Movies: How Important Music Supervisor for The Rising of Indie Music

What is your favorite TV series folks? Did you notice the sense of music that played in a series or movies scene? Okay, We already know music is one of the most important part in tv series or movies. Music already become the soul of a scene and create scene become more alive and being memorable. Do you know who has to be responsible for every memorable scenes in tv series or movies that always keep in our mind? Right! Someone who we usually called music supervisors. Music supervisor is the person whose in charge and responsible for bringing music in tv series or movies.Yupp, they are the one who responsible if we cry when there’s a scene where our favorite character died and suddenly the voice of Gary Lightbody or Greg Laswell come out slowly. Really?!

Music supervisor has a magnificent skill to fit the best musical options for a scene from tv series or movies. They can’t choose the music whatever they wants for that scene. The music supervisor has so many considerations and have to get an idea of the mood, energy, style, and also the exceptions of the song and relate those elements with the situation of a scene. Would it fit for the scene or not. Once they figure out what fits, they pre-clear the songs by getting synchronization license contracts with the artists and labels. A sync license is basically an agreement to match the music to the video.

One of my favorite music supervisor is Alexandra Patsavas. For all Grey’s Anatomy fans, you must be already know about her right? Yupp, she is Shonda Rhimes’s longtime music supervisor who already take us through some of the most iconic music moments in Grey’s Anatomy. Not just Grey’s series, Patsavas also hold the position as music supervisor for some well-known tv series before, like Supernatural, Scandal, Roswell, The OC, Gossip Girl, and Tru Calling, and some movies like, The Twilight Saga, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Remember Me, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.


The most amazing things that makes me admire Alexandra Patsavas is she made me discovered and found so many new indie musicians. She already introduced me and maybe all people who watch Grey’s Anatomy – or other series supervised by her – to so many new great music that we never heard before. Yes, the fact is she’s one of the people who brought indie bands to mainstream TV, and consequently, to the mainstream. From her, I knew a lot of great music from Ingrid Michaelson, Ash Koley, Of Monster and Men, Daughter, Tegan and Sara, Banks, Brandi Carlile, Katie Herzig, Rachael Yamagata, Bon Iver, Rilo Kiley, The Fray, Death Cab For Cutie, Snow Patrol, Greg Laswell, Regina Spektor, Camera Obscura, Au Rivoir Simone, and so many others musician. It was like, she has a premonition ability that makes her know which band or singer that will be huge in the future before all people know about them. And look who are they now? So many of them become a successful musicians now. I really wish I can see all Patsavas’s music collections.

So, we already see how important music supervisor for the rising of indie musicians. Yupp, from my humble opinion, music supervisor definitely has an important role for indie music to be known worldwide. Now, let us know the singer or band that you already discovered from tv series or movies. I’ll be happy to read all comments from you folks. Thank you.


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Songs that Inspired by Literature

Ever wonder where the musicians get their inspiration? Ever heard lyrics that slightly familiar with something you ever read? If the answers are yes, maybe there’s a word that pop up on your mind now, book! Yes, you guys probably already realized that book, or literature, has a reciprocal relationship in the case of giving inspiration with music. Many authors had admit that they listen to some songs or album from some musician while they write their book and so does the musicians. I picked some musician, mostly the one I love ;), whose songs has been inspired by literature below.

Poet by Bastille

Aside getting inspired from a television show, Twin Peaks, for their song Laura Palmer, Dan Smith–Bastille’s vocalist, is also write a song inspired by literature. He admit that the inspiration behind their song, Poet, is Sonnet 18 written by William Shakespeare. Perhaps the inspiration comes from these lines:

Nor shall Death brag thou wander’st in his shade,
When in eternal lines to time thou grow’st:
So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee. 

Which in Poet, he writes:

I have written you down
Now you will live forever
And all the world will read you
And you live forever
In eyes not yet created
On tongues that are not born
I have written you down
Now you will live forever

Besides Poet, Dan Smith also gather inspiration from literature for his other song, called, Weight of Living Pt. 1. This time, the inspiration come from Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem, The Rime of The Ancient Mariner. You can hear the ‘click’ sound from the use of Albatross word in both poem and song.

Breezeblocks by Alt-J

For Alt-J’s fans you probably already heard that Breezeblocks is inspired by children book, Where the Wild Things Are written by Maurice Sendak. You can find the lyrics quoted the dialogue with a little modification. While Sendak wrote, “Please don’t go, we’ll eat you whole, we love you so!” Alt-J’s lyrics stated, Please don’t go, I’ll eat you whole
I love you so, I love you so, I love you so. Well, I bet though the lyrics potray an obsessive kind a needy love, and quite creepy, you just can’t help to sing a long and liking this song, hm? 😀

Don’t Look Back in Anger by Oasis

This 1996 signature song of Oasis, which is one of my favorite too, is also has a connection with literature world. This time the inspiration, especially for the title, come from a play, Look Back in Anger written by John Osborne in 1956. The title play also become a song tittle for David Bowie’s song in the Lodger album.  David Bowie himself has influence for Oasis music.

Body Electric by Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey has several songs that inspired by literature. In her album, Paradise, Del Rey has Body Electric that has a relation with I Sing the Body Electric, Walt Whitman’s poem. The tittle of the poem become the chorus and one of the lines is “Whitman is my daddy, Monaco’s my mother, Diamonds are my bestest friend.”

Another Del Rey’s song that inspired by literature is Off to the Races. There are lines that has references how Humbert Humbert, one of the character in Lolita–a novel written by Vladimir Nabokov, seduced Dolores Haze.


I know that there are only 4 musicians that I took a sample with, mostly, because I know and like those songs. If you know other songs that inspired by literature, and you like them, a comment is very much welcome 😀



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Australia Indie Music Invasion in World Music Industry

As we know, United States and United Kingdom are the most popular and most dominant country in the music industry. Both country has a huge influence in the development of world music. These countries have produced so many great and successful musicians from various genres of music with album sales reached tens even hundreds of millions copies worldwide. US and UK musicians also dominate music charts in other countries around the world. Well, from US, who doesn’t know Michael Jackson? One of legendary musician in the world. From UK, who doesn’t know The Beatles? Totally one of legendary band in music history. Their songs still being cover by so many musicians and being play in so many places until now. Yupp, we can say, US and UK are the main center of world music industry.

Lately, I accidentally found so many good musics in Soundcloud. Well, most of them is indie band or duo. But, what makes me surprise is most of them are from Australia. Band or duo like Tigertown, Charles William, Lovers Electric, The Paper Kites, and Gordi already amazed me with their awesome music. Some of them already released their debut album or EP and some others recently released their debut singles which I think totally great and very pleasant to hear. I definitely sure you know about Vance Joy and Tame Impala, right? Yes, they are one of some well-known Australian musician who already success entered US and UK’s music market. I think we all know it is not an easy thing to do for every musician from outside US or UK.


I tried to browsing about world music industry and based on global music industry market, Australia ranked is 6th. Australia is still behind US, Japan, Germany, UK, and France, though Australia indie music industry is something that we always anticipated. Honestly, in my own country, it is hard to hear about their music although my country borders directly with Australia. Our radio usually play music which already has a high position in world music chart so I have to dig some music websites to discover their awesome music. Maybe I’m not a music producer or musician or expert music analyst or someone important in music industry, but from my humble opinion, Australia indie music have a great potential to be known worldwide. I’m sure there are more indie singer or band who still not being discover, but if we want to discover and dig a little bit, you will find a lot of music treasures in Australian music industry.

So, are you ready for Australia indie music invasion? What’s your favorite Australian musician so far? Tell us by give a comment below. Thank you. 🙂


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9 Things You Should Know About Record Store Day

For a fan of physical album, I bet Record Store Day is one of the ‘holy’ days for you. According to the Record Store Day website, this annual event will be held again in the next of 20 days. But, if you haven’t heard about Record Store Day, here’s some fun facts about Record Store Day

9 Things You Should Know About Record Store Day

Record Store Day 2016

  1. Record Store Day is a dedicated day to celebrate the love of buying physical albums and keeping the culture of the independently owned record store alive. This celebration founded in 2007 and always held on the third Saturday of April which is why this year Record Store Day will be held in April 16.
  2. RSD founded by Eric Levin, Michael Kurtz, Carrie Colliton, Amy Dorfman, Don Van Cleave, and Brian Poehner in Baltimore, USA.
  3. Although we only celebrate RSD in one day, the RSD organization keeps the official website alive. They also provides promotions, marketing, even contests to support independent stores.
  4. On this special day, the participant stores usually will hold festivities, like meet & greets with artist and performances.
  5. What makes RSD more special is the special limited cd and vinyl release from musicians who participated in RSD. Also, this limited collections are only distributed to shops participating in the event.
  6. The celebration of RSD began to grow internationally, including in the UK, Ireland, Japan, Canada, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Germany, since 2009.
  7. Since 2010 there’s an official ambassador of RSD to spread the news of how important the stores to musicians. For 2016, Metallica is the official ambassador.
  8. In Indonesia, RSD began to be celebrated since 2010. The celebrations isn’t only held in Jakarta, but also in the other cities, like Bandung, Yogyakarta, Malang, Solo, Palu, Samarinda, and Makassar.
  9. Although the main purpose of RSD is to help people buying physical albums and keep independent stores alive, this event gathers some critics. One of the critics is about the effect of limited releases that being re-sold, mostly online, just hours after the event end with inflated prices.

Apart from the critics, RSD is still one of the efficient way to help both musicians and music lover to gather around and talking about music, more than just selling and buying music. Here’s one good quote from Nick Hornby that I think could describe the role of RSD.
“Yes, yes, I know. It’s easier to download music, and probably cheaper. But what’s playing on your favourite download store when you walk into it? Nothing, that’s what. Who are you going to meet in there? Nobody. Where are the notice boards offering flatshares and vacant slots in bands destined for superstardom? Who’s going to tell you to stop listening to that and start listening to this? Go ahead and save yourself a couple of quid. The saving will cost you a career, a set of cool friends, musical taste and, eventually, your soul. Record stores can’t save your life. But they can give you a better one.”