Most Anticipated

Most Anticipated Singer: Sigrid

Our most anticipated singer for this month is a 20 year-old Norwegian singer and songwriter, Sigrid Solbakk Raabe or we known worldwide as Sigrid. I don’t have any doubt at all to choose our most anticipated singer for this month because I’m really sure she’s gonna be a huge star really soon. I’m sure most of you already heard about her before. I’m also sure that most of you agree about how awesome she is, right? Her music definitely something really worth to hear.

I accidentally found her music through YouTube and I falling in love with one of her song called Plot Twist since the first hear. This song is an anthemic pop song with energetic and great melodies. Sigrid’s powerful voice also makes everything so perfect to hear. Her international debut single Don’t Kill My Vibe already become a successful single and got very positive vibes from around the world.

Sigrid debut EP’s, Don’t Kill My Vibe EP, already released since May 2017. This EP include four songs: Don’t Kill My Vibe, Plot Twist, Fake Friends, and Dynamite. All I can tell you is four songs is not enough, but this EP is definitely a great treat for our ears. So, for all of you who haven’t heard about Sigrid’s music, I bet you’re gonna love it since your first time play. Enjoy the music and thank you for visiting Kustosica. 🙂




Playlist: Monday Mood Booster (Part 1)

Wake up! Wake up folks! It’s Monday. Well, I know it is hard for you to see the fact that today is Monday. Maybe some of you feel nervous, scared, panic, or a little bit pessimistic about today, but you never know what will happen today. This day could be one of the best day of your life. So, get your body off from your bed, wash your face, brush your teeth, and wear a nice dress or shirt. While your sip your morning coffee or tea, try to listen this playlist and dance a little bit to boost your mood. I hope this playlist can fix your mood on this Monday morning. Okay, enjoy the playlist folks and wish you have a blast and wonderful Monday. 🙂


Currently Listening To

Into The Wild by Wrabel

Actually, I’m just realized that I have a little bit different music taste these days. Somehow, I’m in the mood for dancing so I listen some upbeat songs lately. Thanks to Shannon Beveridge’s playlist on Spotify so I can discover so many new musician who has a great music to hear. Then, I found this song called Into The Wild by Wrabel and I can’t stop listening until now.

Stephen Wrabel or known worldwide as Wrabel is an American singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles. His song, Into The Wild, was taken from his debut EP called Sideways which actually already released since 2014. Into The Wild is an upbeat song which has a really good melodies and tunes. I really enjoy and feel so entertained every time I hear this song and of course, this song will makes you dance. This song also helps me to build my mood every morning. Definitely so good.

Okay, I think I already said too much. So, why don’t you try to listen Into The Wild from Wrabel by press the play button below. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this song by give us a comment in our blog. Enjoy the music and thank you for already visiting Kustosica.



Ella Vos Just Released Her Powerful Brand New Song, You Don’t Know About Me

I definitely love Ella Vos more and more. Somehow, she always success to amazed me with her music. Last Monday, Ella Vos just released her awesome brand new song called You Don’t Know About Me. Melodically beautiful, lyrically powerful. Maybe that’s how I describe about this song. You Don’t Know About Me has a mid-tempo melody of electronic pop. The combination between the thumping sound of bass, finger snaps, and beautiful voice from Ella Vos definitely makes this song so powerful and really worth to hear. Until now, I’m still addicted to this song.

Not just totally beautiful from the melodies, this song also has a powerful lyrics. Ella Vos gave us a powerful message to all woman through this song. In one source that I found, Ella Vos’ said,

“… I wrote a song about ignorance. About all those little comments we combat throughout the day. About choosing to replace those words with empowering statements. This is my body. About learning to be strong. About not letting anyone tell me who I should or shouldn’t be. Because you don’t know about me.”

So, do not let yourself down or falling apart just because people judgments about who you are. Because they don’t know you, they don’t know what you’re going through right now, they don’t know anything about you. So, keep your head up, be strong, and do not let yourself drown into sadness because sadness is just an absence of happiness.

Wow, I think I already talk too much towards this song. But now, I let you hear this beautiful song from Ella Vos, You Don’t Know About Me. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinion about this song by give us a comment below. Thank you so much for visiting Kustosica and enjoy the music folks.


Currently Listening To

On Your Side by CIN3MA

Okay, I think I’m gonna feel too excited to describe about this song which I choose as my currently listening for this week or maybe this year or maybe lifetime. See, I already said too much. Well, I’m talking about the song called On Your Side by CIN3MA. This song  already become my morning jam and mood booster song. I think I can listen to this song whole day. I always feel so overwhelmed and so happy every time I listen to this song.

I accidentally found this song as a soundtrack for a movie trailer that I saw on YouTube. Somehow this song perfectly match to describe about friendship. Then, I accidentally heard this song again in Spotify and I falling in love with this song since then. On Your Side has an irresistible melodies. The combination between the tunes from acoustic guitar, percussion, and the beat of the drum makes everything so perfect to hear.

Well, I think I already said too much, but I’m quite sure you will love this song since the first time you hear this song. So, just press the play button below and try to hear On Your Side by CIN3MA. Then, let us know your thoughts and opinion about this song.  Okay, thank you so much guys for already visiting our music blog and I hope you enjoy the music. 🙂


Gigs and Festivals Alert

Gigs and Festivals in May 2017

Wow, we’re almost in the middle of 2017! Can’t believe it’s May already. That’s mean, summer is around the corner, it won’t be long before your calendar getting a lot of festivals alerts :))

While we patiently wait until summer and festivals months begin, let’s check our gigs and festivals alert for around Southeast Asia and Australia 🙂

27th May 2017

SHEPPARD – Eatons Hill Hotel & Function Centre, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

27th–28th May 2017

HONNE – Seoul Jazz Festival 2017, Olympic Park, Seoul, Republic of Korea

That’s it! If you want to attend them, you can check the ticket in for more info.


Album Review

Let’s Talk About Bishop Briggs’ Debut EP

What a nice day to wake up and find out that Bishop Briggs, one of my most anticipated artists, just released her debut EP. Bishop Briggs is a stage name of British musician based in Los Angles, Sarah Grace McLaughlin. You may already heard her singles, like River, since last year. Some describe her music as dark pop, some as alternative rock, but one thing for sure, I began to watch her music since the first time I heard her single, River. 

Fresh, crisp, and powerful are what cross my mind when I hear Bishop Briggs’ debut EP. The self-title EP consists of 6 songs, featuring some of her famous singles and two new songs, that I bet will easily winning lots of its listener’s heart.

The EP starts with River, the one that successfully put her name into broader acknowledgment. As an opening, this song is not only convince you that you are in the right track to find something good, but also gives you a glimpse of what will you get. Next in line, she puts a new song, Dark Side. If River’s intro is quite heavy, she starts Dark Side with fingerpicking guitar melody before launch her powerful voice in chorus and effortlessly playing the tension. Determined to keep your attention, Briggs put The Way I Do. She greets you with her high-pitch voice that dance along with the humming background, which slightly reminds me of Rag N’ Bone Man’s music. Next, she gives you a relatively slow tempo songs, Wild Horses and Dead Man‘s Arms, but still with more or less same enchanting formula–support by the choir, hand clapping, and finger clicking. Though I don’t find Wild Horses’ tune as gripping and upbeat as the first 3 songs,  I like how she combines the heavy electro tunes with the guitar. She close the EP with another new song, The Fire. With a simple drum beat that grip my attention, she put her powerful voice on point. It is indeed a clever move because here, it feels like she restating her music nuance and promising you that her music will linger on your mind, which is exactly what I feel now.


Here, take a listen to Bishop Briggs EP and feel free to share with us what you think of the EP 🙂