Throw Back Thursday

100 Years by Five For Fighting

It’s “Throw Back Thursday” time!

I pick one of Five For Fighting’s hit singles, 100 Years, as my #TBT. This song reminds me of my Junior High School era. I remember my friend lent me his album, The Battle for Everything. I like his music right away; for its piano tune, harmonica melody, a touch of rock guitar, and a melancholic tones that, even at that time, I knew I would feel slightly blue to listen to the album again in the future–and I proved it right when I listen to If God Made You. 

I think I always an easy-to-get-worry kind a person, even when I was still a teenager. That is probably why I like 100 Years more than the other songs. Aside from the lyrics, 100 Years’ melody is addictive, the piano tunes stand up along with the cello and the drums. Also, Ondrasik has a manly, soothing voice, and he sings the song effortlessly, it calm you. Once you know this song, it stucks in your mind and you’ll find it hard to resist to sing along. Here, press the play button below and let’s sing or (humming) together!