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Album Review: Reservoir – Gordi

I think I might too late if I write about Gordi’s latest album, but I hope all of you still can enjoy this article because honestly, I can’t stop listening Reservoir until now. This album is too good, too genius, and too wonderful and somehow its hard for me to describe it. But yes, I already falling in love with Gordi since the first time I hear Can We Work It Out. Then, she released her debut EP called Clever Disguise and once again, I falling in love with each song in that EP. Now, Gordi just released her debut studio album called Reservoir on last August and she never stop amazed me with her music. Okay, let me tell you about this album

Long Way become the first song that you will hear from this album and it is definitely a great song to start the journey from this album. From this song, I can tell you that Gordi absolutely a musical genius. The combination between every instruments and sound effect and of course Gordi’s wonderful voice makes everything so perfect to hear. She proved it once again in the second song called All The Light We Cannot See. This song has more upbeat from the first one, but the element of folktronica already become Gordi’s music characteristic.

The next song is On My Side and I think this is the most upbeat song in this album. The touch of acoustic guitar combined with the percussion and electronic instruments makes everything so beautiful. Quite different with the next song. Bitter End is a slow tempo song with guitar and piano sound as the main interest, but the percussion beats at the end brings something that gave me goosebumps from head to toe. Bitter End definitely one of my favorite from this album.

Heaven I Know also my favorite song from this album. This melodies and the lyrics makes me lost my words to describe about this song. Everything so perfect to hear from the repeated whispered rhythm at the beginning , the looping, piano sound, until the sound layers. Somehow, Gordi try to make us understand what she feels towards this song. The next song called I’m Done. You can hear the folk elements are thicker in this song from the acoustic guitar and trumpets sounds.

For how many times, Gordi proved again that she is totally musical genius through Myriad and Aeon. The sound layers and looping definitely makes me speechless. The string sounds in Aeon is the new thing from her music and makes me falling deeper towards this album. The next song also my favorite song from this album. It is Can We Work It Out. Yes, this song is the first song that makes me falling in love with Gordi’s music. What a perfect combination between the percussion, the guitar, electronic instruments, and of course Gordi’s wonderful voice.

Gordi brings new sound in Better Than Then, Closer To No. This time is electronic guitar and it is so good when its combined with electronic instruments. Something Like This become the last song from this awesome album. As usual, Gordi show us her magnificent skill making wonderful song by the combination from every musical instruments. Definitely so good.

That’s it. Somehow, eleven song never enough for me so I have to play this album over and over again. If I can give this album score, I will give 8.5 for this album. For you who haven’t heard Reservoir yet, I suggest you to hear this album and I guarantee you also falling in love with this album too. Thank you and I hope you enjoy this article.


Album Review

Album Review: Something To Tell You – HAIM

Well, I think its been months since Haim’s latest album Something To Tell You has been released for the first time. Honestly, I have to admit that I had to adapt for a while with Haim’s new music because from my opinion it is quite different from their first album. I have to listen Something To Tell You for three times until I finally got my ‘renaissance’ moment and falling I love with this album. That’s why I insisted to keep writing about Haim’s new album. I’m so sorry if I’m too late to write this article, but I hope you still enjoy this article like you enjoy listening Something To Tell You.

Okay, we’ll starting with the main single and of course, everyone’s favorite, Want You Back.  Who doesn’t like this catchy, danceable, and singable song? If you listen this song while you walking down the road, I bet its hard for you not to dance, right? Because it’s always happen to me. There’something with this song that makes me never bored even I listened it whole day.  Want You Back definitely has a great melodies. The drums, the tunes of piano, the bass, the guitar, even the clap hands and snapping fingers makes a great pleasure for your ears.  Definitely a great song to begin this album.

Nothing’s Wrong also has a great melodies to hear. You can hear the  sound of electric guitar are thicker in this song and of course, the bass sound definitely wow. Shout out to Este! The next song is another my favorite song from this album A Little of Your Love. I falling in love with this song since I hear the intro for the first time. Since then, this song always be my morning jam. The melodies absolutely irresistible.  I think I can’t explain about how good this song, you have to listen it by yourself, but I guarantee you’ll falling in love since the first play.

Ready For You has different melodies from other songs before. This song has more upbeat and the combination between the percussion, acoustic guitar, and electronic instruments definitely the new thing that I heard from their music. But, this song already gave me chills from head to toe. Next song is Something To Tell You.  This song has simple tunes, but like other song, it has a great melodies and somehow hypnotized your ears so you never get bored to finish the journey of this album.

You Never Knew has 80’s melodies with flat and simple drum beats, but the way Haim’s sister mixed the melodies with the bass sound and other instruments makes everything so good to hear. Kept Me Crying also my favorite songs from this album. I can’t stop singing every time I listen this song. The magical melodies and a little bit touch from clapping hand sound plus Danielle’s solo guitar! Definitely wow.

Another favorite song from this album, Found It in Silence. I was surprised when I hear the wonderful string sound at the intro. Definitely something that I never heard in Haim’s first album. It makes everything so refreshing. They slow the tempo with Walking Away, but still the melodies so rich and always great to hear. Somehow the way they sing makes this song so interesting.

Next song is Right Now. The percussion play from Alana and Este definitely makes me lost my words. The piano tunes also wow. That’s why this song also become my favorite one. We close the journey of this album with Night So Long. This song has slow melodies with the guitar and keyboard sound, but once again, Haim sisters makes everything so perfect with their voice.

Okay folks. That’s it! For me, each song has something powerful and makes me want to listen this album again and again. I will give score 8 for this album. If you haven’t heard Something To Tell You, I bet you’ll falling in love with this album too. So, what are you waiting for? Press the play button below and share your thoughts about this album by give a comment below. We will so happy to response each comment. I hope you like this article and thank you for visiting Kustosica. Enjoy the music folks!



Gordi Finally Released Her Awesome Debut Album, Reservoir

Hello again folks! It’s been a while since our last articles. So sorry for our absence. But, thank you for already followed our blog. We will do the best thing we could to give you more information about music. 🙂

Okay, I’m back with this exciting news from one of the best Australian musician ever, the genius from Canowindra, Sophie Payten, or known worldwide as Gordi. For all Gordi’s fans around the world (including me), I bet today will be day that you already wait for so long. I’m quiet sure most of you already gave a mark in your calendar for today. Yes! Yes! Yes! Gordi finally released her awesome debut studio album Reservoir today.  This album includes 11 songs that will make you falling in love with her music deeper and deeper. Absolutely irresistible and totally lovable is the only thing that I can about this album for now. I’m gonna tell you about our review for this album and each songs in our next article for album review category.

For now, try to listen Gordi’s debut album below and I’m sure you’ll falling in love at the first hear. Enjoy the music and thank you for already visiting Kustosica.



Gordi Just Released Another Epic New Single, On My Side

Once again, Gordi amazed me and makes me lost my words every time she released her new music. Yes! Gordi is back with her epic new single, On My Side. On My Side is a second single from her upcoming debut album Reservoir which will released on August 25th 2017. This single was released and heard for the first time on Triple J radio on July 11th 2017 along with its cinematic music video.

On My Side is quite different from her other singles before. We usually heard more strings sound, piano tunes, and even electronic instruments in most of her songs. But this time, Gordi introduced us to her different music side. On My Side is melodically more vibrant, upbeat, and anthemic. I think this is the most playful songs I’ve ever heard from Gordi and it is so good and addicting. The sounds of guitar, percussion, and clapping hands makes this song has thick folk melodies than before. Definitely something irresistible and totally a great pleasure for your ears.

I can’t wait to hear her upcoming debut album in August. It will be one of the most anticipated album of the year. But for now, try to listen her epic brand new single and music video On My Side below. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinion about this song by give a comment in our music blog. Thank you and enjoy the music folks!



HAIM Finally Released Their Second Album, Something To Tell You

For all Haim’s fans all over the world, our waiting moment finally over folks! Yes, yes, yes! After Danielle, Alana, and Este teased us with their live studio single Right Now and introduced us to a cool dance with Want You Back, Haim finally back with their second album Something To Tell You. This album was released on July 7th 2017 including  11 great songs inside which I can tell you that this album will pleased your ears. Many people predict this album will be one of the most anticipated album of the year.

Oh my, I’m so excited when I heard whole songs in this album for the first time. And I’m not just have something to tell you, but I have a lot of things to tell you about this album. Maybe I will explain all the things through our album review section really soon. Okay, for you who haven’t heard Haim’s brand new album, scroll to the Spotify below and let your ears decide. Right now. Yes, press the play button right now. Enjoy the music folks and thank you for already visiting Kustosica.



Album Review

Album Review: Resonate from Nosoyo

Another interesting album that I found in the beginning of 2017. This time it comes from Berlin-based alternative indie-pop duo band, Nosoyo. I accidentally found one of their irresistible songs called Old Soul through Spotify and I totally falling in love with this song at the first hear. Donata Kramarz (vocalist)  and Daim de Rijke (drummer) definitely bring something relaxing and great treat for our ears. Their music character is so calm with the touch of piano tunes and the beat of the drums makes the melodies so addicting.

Nosoyo just released their debut LP Resonate which was released on February 17th 2017. This LP include 11 great songs. They put Old Soul as the opening song for their LP. Somehow this song success to give a great first impression about this album and makes me curious with another songs. The melodies and the tunes of piano plus Donata Kramarz’s voice perfectly fit each other and makes this song so beautiful and really addicting. Losing Time also has a catchy melody to hear.

Next song is 6 or 7 Weeks. From my opinion, this song is quite unique and I really love Kramarz’s voice in this song. Her voice so smooth and the way she said ‘six’ over and over again at the chorus reminds me the way Joe Newman from Alt-J sang. I think it will be awesome if this two great bands singing together. Nosoyo makes the music beat a little faster with a song called Resonate. Somehow, this song will be a great driving song. I can imagine myself drive while singing this song. Maybe a little bit dancing.

After an upbeat song, Nosoyo slow the tempo with As Close As We Get. The sound of piano tunes is quite thick in this song, but I really enjoy this song. Get Used is one of my most favorite song in this album beside Old Soul. This song has a catchy pop elements that makes you just wanna sing. Stuck in the Dark contain sound from electro instruments which makes a really nice beat to hear.  The Weight might not be my favorite one, but the sound of the drum still gives you chills when you hear it.

Disillusioned become another my favorite song in this album. This song has a cheerful melodies which I think it will give you some mood booster if you hear it in the morning. Okay, I think almost of the song in this album become my favorite. Another my favorite song is One Way. Actually this song is a quite simple song, but it has its own muse. The sound of keyboard combined with drum and Kramarz’s voice makes everything so good melodically. Hill To Climb definitely a great song to close the journey of this album. This song has an upbeat melody.

Well, that’s my opinion about Nosoyo’s brand new LP. If you haven’t hear it yet, why don’t you try to listen this awesome duo band music and let us know what’s your opinion. Thank you and enjoy the music folks.



Album Review

Album Review: To Bring You My Heart from The Katherines

First, I have to tell you that I just need one song to falling in love with this awesome and talented ladies from Vancouver, The Katherines. Right! Another Canadian musician already stole my ears with their great music. Many source called them as ‘Canadian Haim’, but from my opinion their music totally different. Kate Kurdyak, Lauren Kurdyak, and Hansen-Boucher definitely brought something unique to hear.

I accidentally found one of The Katherines’ song, Primitive, through the discover section on Spotify and somehow, I falling in love with this song since the first hear. Then, I feel so curious about their music and I found out they just released their debut LP on last January 2017 called To Bring You My Heart. This album includes 13 songs track list and I have to admit that this album was some kind of great treat for me.

The Katherines introduced us into something unique and refreshing in their debut LP. They bring their own music character and makes each song has its own muse. It makes me feel so overwhelmed and get exciting when I listened their album. Somehow, I can find so many music genres in their music, from pop, rock, dance, R&B, electro, even 60’s pop-blues or the combination between genres. Now I understand why so many source called them as ‘Harmony Masters’.

Cherry Lips definitely a great song to start the journey of this album. This song has a nice drum beat and beautiful sound of dreampop guitar. Both melodies combined with Kate’s smooth voice makes this song so good to hear. Ultra Violet has more beat than other songs with the touch of dance-pop elements. In the third song, The Katherines made a duet with Frederick to sing an interesting synth-pop song called Better Off Now. Their voice just perfect each other. Next song is one of my most favorite song in this album, Primitive. In this song, The Katherines collaborate with Charlie Kerr and Steve Bays to write this song. You can hear the sound of electronic percussion and 80’s keyboard tones and makes this song so catchy to hear. Honestly, I can’t stop listening to this song until now. 🙂

You will hear a great combination between the electronic and classic instruments like cello and violin in breakup ballad song, Heart On The Table. While Minefield and Blank Page represented pop-rock song in this album with the touch of electric guitar. You still can hear string instrument combined with pop melodies in To Bring You My Heart. KiDs also has the touch of electro-pop elements with a catchy melodies.

You definitely has something different from the other song. The Katherines brings the sound of 60’s pop-blues melodies in this song. Definitely something catchy, unique, and refreshing. Wrong Side Of The Bed is another my most favorite song of this album. The pop-dance melodies with the touch of cheerful and playful guitar sound makes this song so great to hear. Tomorrow and Replay brings also has a great melodies and become a perfect way to end the journey of this album.

Overall, this is one of the most enjoying album I’ve ever heard in 2017. The way The Katherines introduce their music character is so unique and refreshing. They are definitely something. I think they will be huge really soon. So, if you haven’t heard their debut LP yet, why don’t you try to listen it and I’m sure you will have a unique experience when you listened this album. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this album by give comment in our music blog. Thank you and enjoy the music folks!


In Our Humble Opinion

Best Album In 2016 (Elsa Version)

I can’t believe we’re already in the beginning of 2017. We found 2016 become one of the most exciting year in music industry. There are some musicians who just released their new album after quiet long time. We also found so many new musicians with a great music potential who just released their debut EP. So, as a tribute to 2016 and to welcome 2017, we decided to make our own version of best album in 2016. Okay, here’s the list:

5. Broods – Conscious


After their success debut album, Evergreen, electro pop duo band from New Zealand, Caleb Nott and Georgia Nott, are back with their second studio album, Conscious. Conscious was released on June 24th 2016 and include 13 songs with their main single Free and Heartlines. They add some musical instruments in their second album like guitar, organ, and electro piano as their based electronic sound. You will get more upbeat melodies than you heard in their first album. But, I have to admit, Georgia’s gorgeous voice always become their music gravity that always made me stuck to listen their album.

Most Favorite Song: Full Blown Love

4. Tom Odell – Wrong Crowd


Thanks to my blog partner who already introduced me to this gorgeous and undeniable musician, Tom Peter Odell. He released his second studio album Wrong Crowd on June 10th 2016. His music definitely something really nice to hear. The tunes of piano become the heart of his music. Not forgot to mention the way Tom Odell sing every songs in this album. His voice will drag you to feel the way he feels through this song. In some songs, he also add strings instruments that makes the melodies become really worth to hear. Definitely so good.

Most Favorite Song: Silhouette

3. Repartee – All Lit Up


Repartee become one of the awesome new musician that I found this year. All Lit Up is their successful debut album which was released in April 29th 2016 and include eight great songs. Repartee’s main single Dukes totally got my eartention at the first time I heard this song and makes me wondering the other songs in this album. And I have to admit All Lit Up is a really great album and I have no doubt at all to put it on 3rd place of my favorite album in 2016. They turned electro-pop into a different vibes which makes their music become something to be anticipated.

Most Favorite Song: Dukes

2. Ladyhawke – Wild Things


Ladyhawke definitely took the number 2 spot in my favorite album of the year. Her third studio album Wild Things was released on June 3rd 2016 and definitely makes me falling in love with her music in one time play. Three words to describe this album: danceable, addicting, and refreshing. Somehow I feel overwhelmed every time I listened each songs in this album. The way Ladyhawke mixed up the sound of electronic instrument and other musical instruments especially piano makes her music has a great powerful melodies and definitely something really worth to hear.

Most Favorite Song: Wonderland and Money To Burn

1. The Strumbellas – Hope


And finally, we’re already on the number 1 spot and yes, I have no doubt at all to put The Strumbellas as my most favorite album in 2016. Once again, thanks to my blog partner and also my best friend who already introduced me to their music. Hope is The Strumbellas’s third studio album which was released on April 22th 2016. Hope become one of the most entertaining and the most enjoyable album that I’ve ever heard through this year. They turned folk-rock into something really nice to hear with the sound of many traditional music instruments like violin and banjo. The combination between the melodies, the lyrics, and Simon Ward’s voice makes every song has a different vibes and makes me so thrive when I listened to this album. Also, the composition of the song in this album is so wide. You can find up-tempo song (Young & Wild), mid-tempo songs (Spirits, Wars, Dogs, We Don’t Know, David), and slow-tempo songs (Shovel & Dirt, The Hired Band, The Night Will Save Us, I Still Make Her Cry, Wild Sun ) in this album.

Most Favorite Song: Dogs and Wars

That’s it! That’s my top 5 best album in 2016. We definitely can’t wait to see what will happen in 2017. Based on our article about most anticipating musician, I think 2017 will be wonderful year. Okay, now, why don’t you share and let us know about your favorite album in 2016. We will be glad to read your opinion. Thank you for already visit our blog through 2016. Wish you have a wonderful year ahead folks!


Currently Listening To

Mountains (Love Won’t Burn My Heart) from Savoir Adore

Once again, Spotify already introduced me to another awesome music from another awesome band. This time, it comes from an electro-pop band from Brooklyn, New York City, Savoir Adore. Yupp! Paul Hammer, Lauren Zettler (vocals/keyboards), Alex Foote (guitars), Ben Marshall (drums), and Andrew Pertes (bass) already brought and introduced a different kind of music that really worth to hear. Savoir Adore just released their new album called The Love That Remains since August 2016.

I falling in love with their song called Mountains (Love Won’t Burn My Heart) since the first time I heard it through Spotify. This song is an upbeat song with awesome melody from electronic instruments combined with the sound of guitar and drums. Honestly, the chorus part definitely makes me so amazed. Honestly, I’m speechless to describe it, but Zettler’s voice definitely one the best thing I’ve ever heard and the simple melody at the chorus already made me stuck with this song for days.

Okay, enough from me. So, this is our currently listening for this week, Mountains (Love Won’t Burn My Heart) from Savoir Adore. I think you have.. have to listen to this song. Just press the play button on their Spotify below, enjoy the song, and tell us what do you think about their music. Thank you. 🙂


Album Review

Album Review: All Lit Up by Repartee

Once again, I found another album that makes me thrilled listening all songs from the album. This time, it comes from Newfoundland electro-pop band, Repartee. Their debut album called All Lit Up is a kind of album that makes you never push next button and get excited to listen whole songs from the beginning until the end. All Lit Up already released since April 2016 and this album include eight great song that really worth to be heard.


At the beginning of the album, we will hear a song called All Lit Up. This song has great melodies and very catchy tunes which I’m sure you will love it since the first drum beat you heard and makes you curious about the next song. And yes, if you like the first song, I bet you will like Die B4U too. This song has the same awesome drum beat with All Lit Up and the sound from electric guitar at the pre-chorus makes the song so great.

The beat is getting a little bit slow with a mid-tempo song called Miracle. But still, Meg Warren’s powerful and wonderful voice already gave me chills every time I hear it. After a mid-tempo song, Repartee push us to dance with their next song called Electric Every Day which one of my favorite song from the album. Electric Every Day is a cheerful and danceable upbeat song that I’m sure you will love it at the first time you hear it. Totally love the drum beat and once again, Meg Warren’s high voice makes whole song become so freakin’ awesome.

You will hear many sounds from electronic instruments in their song called Nice Girls. It makes this song has a rich synth-pop tunes and great melodies to hear. Next song is my favorite song from the album. Right! We talked about Dukes. I think I already told you about how awesome this song at Currently Listening category before and yes, until now this song still become my morning jam for almost two months. Dukes is an upbeat song with awesome melodies and rich tunes from electronic instruments combined with the sounds of snapping fingers and clapping hands that make this song so perfect and really worth to be heard. I bet you will sing along with Meg during this song.

We can hear another mid-tempo song in the next song called Carelessly, Carelessly. Still, the rich tunes from electronic instruments makes this song got my eartention. Fall Apart definitely a perfect song to ending this awesome album from Repartee. Like All Lit Up and Die B4U, Fall Apart also has a great drum beat and the melodies are so danceable and singable. It’s hard to stay silence and not moving your body while you hear this song.

Okay, as the conclusion, I considered All Lit Up from Repartee as one of the best album that I ever heard in 2016. Meg Warren (lead vocal). Robbie Brett (guitar), Nick Coultas-Clarke (drums), and Josh Banfield (keyboards) definitely success gave us something that really worth to be heard. Their music is so great and the arrangement of the songs are perfect and makes me so curious to listened whole songs until the end. If I could give a score, I will give 8 of 10 for All Lit Up album. If you haven’t heard their music yet, I suggest you to push play button in their Spotify below. Thank you.