Throw Back Thursday

Complicated by Avril Lavigne

I would like to take you to the 2000’s alternative pop era with this queen, Avril Lavigne. I bet you’ve heard her music. Yes, she was quite an anomaly in the pop music that time. With her powerful vocal and a touch of rock music, she brought fresh air and no wonder her debut album, Let Go–which out in 2002, shot her name to the top.

My first encounter with Avril’s music was through this song, Complicated, taken from her first album. I remember both my sister and big brother love her music too, we even sang this song together when we saw the music video. Maybe because the universality of the theme in this song and the lyric doesn’t sound shallow or too girly, or maybe because the melody is utterly likeable and easy listening, or maybe because of both factors, thanks to Avril’s music, the three of us, finally, have something to agree on. Now, hit the play button and enjoy your journey back into 2000’s era. *wink wink*



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Young Kids Old Love by Otis English

I think I’m quite late to notice about this awesome new musician from Los Angeles, Otis English. I just found out about his music through Spotify. I’m sure most of you already falling in love with his worthy-to-hear debut single called Young Kids Old Love and I’m quite sure you feel exciting since the first time you hear the piano tunes in the beginning of the song. Otis English really know how to make people falling in love with this song. Begins with piano melody, this song become powerful with the combination of the sound of percussion. And his big voice can drag us into its twisted lyrics. Totally so good.

Okay, if you haven’t heard his debut single, just press the play button below and let us know your thoughts about his music. Thank you and enjoy the music. 🙂


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Brushstroke from Jome

I’m sure many of you already heard about this alternative pop musician from Los Angeles, Jome. Right! His debut song called Brushstroke definitely got my eartention since the first time I heard this song. Brushstroke is semi-upbeat song which has a really good melodies that makes you calm and wants to dance at the same time. The combination between the rhythms, the beat of the drums, and Jome’s smooth and natural voice makes this song really good and worth to hear.

Jome also already released another songs called Cinnamon and Good Love. Both songs also really good to hear. But if you haven’t heard about Jome’s music before, just press the play button below to listen one of my favorite song called Brushstroke. Then, let us know your opinion by give the comment below. Enjoy the music and thank you. 🙂



Playlist: Favourite Songs from Alanis Morissette

For me, Alanis Morissette is a legend. I adore her ability in writing lyrics. Her words could be bold, could be poetic, could be so simple as if she’s telling you stories, and so free. She’s as it is. And that’s what makes me love her music since I was just a kid :))

As a musician, it hard to deny her talent and capacity. Alanis Morissette knows how to play instrument, and her powerful, soulful voice never fails to executes her songs perfectly. She’s the kind of musician that, once you know her music, you’ll know her other songs just by hearing it. In simplicity, we called it, she has her own signature in her music.

I pick some of my favourite songs from Alanis Morissette in unplugged version because I adore how she performs her music live as good as the recorded version. Hope you enjoy the playlist and share with us your favourite Alanis’ songs 🙂



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Pulse by Ider

If I could choose one word to describe Pulse, I’ll choose effortless.  Seriously. Pulse is the second single from Ider, a London-based duo consist of Megan Markwick and Lily Somerville.  Before Pulse, they already released one single called Sorry. But, I found out about them last June through the second single and instantly love Pulse.

The song begin with a slow down tempo, making the vocal on point. The tempo increase verse by verse along with the haunting voice. They are successfully building the tempo and the harmony between their voice. You can feel how smooth and neat the way they deliver the song and the emotion in the song. Almost like effortless. When the song is over, the next thing you know is, you press the play button again, and again. Don’t believe what I say? Hit the play button then and see if you can resist this awesome song to slip away once it finish 🙂 I really looking forward to their next single and hopefully an EP.



Most Anticipated


My first encounter with Rationale is through Bastille’s mixtape VS (Other People Heartache Pt. III). He is one of the featuring musicians in the album. Together with Tyde and Bastille, they work for the song called Axe To Grind. The first thing that stolen my attention is his smooth and rich of R&B voice. My curiosity grew bigger as Dan Smith, Bastille’s front man, diligently talking and promoting Rationale’s music. So I began to dig, what’s Rationale’s music like. And, I should have said before that I should not doubt Smith’s taste of music to begin with because Rationale is a promising musicians that I won’t doubt will grow bigger soon.



Rationale is a project and a stage name of Tinashe Fazakerley, a Zimbabwe-born British singer songwriter. People describe his music genre as alternative pop, R&B, and synthpop, but, for me, what makes his music stand up is his signature in his music, which is his voice and his talent in putting details in songs. Once you’ve listen to Rationale’s music, you’ll know it’s his music when you hear new music from him. It’s recognizable. Tinashe his self already jump into music industry years before. He once released an album under his former stage name Tinashé; he’d work with Mark Crew–also knows as Bastille’s producer, he also become a songwriter for other’s artist like Rag ‘N’ Bone Man. But the name of Rationale slowly soar in when he released his EP, called Fuel to the Fire in 2015.

The EP contains of 4 easy listening songs, Fast LaneRe.Up, Fuel to the Fire, and The Mire. His smooth, calming, relaxing, yet full of emotion voice is on point. I bet, you can’t help yourself joining him to sing along–try to listen to The Mire. You’ll also find yourself swing along with the music when you listen to this EP, especially for Fast Lane and Re.Up. Besides his amazing voice, the details in every song, like the stand up melody between the verse 1 and two or the swinging humming in the background, surely mesmerizing and making me want to keep listening the EP over and over again.

I really looking forward to the day he will release his LP, which thankfully has been planed to release in September this year. Rationale already teased the excited fans with his two new singles Something For Nothing and Palms. If you haven’t heard of his music, this is the right time to check his music and catch up with our most anticipated artist. Here, take a listen to Rationale’s EP and let’s anticipate his LP together this September 🙂



“Rotten Teeth” a New Single from HOLYCHILD feat. Kate Nash

HOLYCHILD is, finally, coming back with a new single! Did I just hear a “YES!” shout from you guys? This time the American indie pop duo work with British singer songwriter Kate Nash in their brand new single, called Rotten Teeth. The collaboration bring out a dynamic tune with drums and bass made to make you dance from Louie Diller which get along nicely with Liz Nistico’s voice.

Take a listen to Rotten Teeth bellow and see if you can stand still while listening to this fresh single 🙂



Get Ready, Robyn Sherwell’s Debut Album Will Be Out!

Are you as excited as I am waiting for Robyn Sherwell’s debut, self-titled album? Well, I have good news! In the next two days, your waiting period will be over because Sherwell’s debut album will be released, exactly March 25!

Robyn Sherwell album

I was captivated by her single Islander, but in case you still wondering what the album will sound like, why don’t you guys check this playlist below, consist of some of her singles, to find out, hm?

Does the playlist above successfully trigger your curiosity over the new promising artist, Robyn Sherwell? Don’t worry, I’m pretty much sure we’ll talk more about her, so please kindly favourite our blog now 🙂



Aurora’s Debut Album, All My Demons Greeting Me As a Friend, Is FINALLY out!

If you like a dark, up beat, electro-pop, you probably already heard who Aurora is and certainly wouldn’t want to miss Aurora’s debut album. Aurora is a stage name of Aurora Aksnes, she is a singer-songwriter from Norway. I knew her music since she released her single Under the Stars. Her high pitch voice and the haunting melody attract me. The next thing I know, I always anticipate her new work. Then Aurora Aksnes, totally got me when she release her single Running with the Wolves.



I’m glad she finally released her debut album, All My Demons Greeting Me As a Friend (AMDGMAAF), just a couple days ago, March 11 to be exact, under the Decca, Glassnote label. This album consist of 12 songs for the standard edition and 16 songs plus one remix for the deluxe edition. All songs come with a constant dark electro, a touch of piano, and her signature percussion that will make your heart burst with an urgency to do a slow dancing. I personally like Conqueror, Running with the Wolves, I Went Too Far, Warrior, Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1), and Under the Water. Well, basically like all of the songs 🙂


Here’s the complete track list for the standard edition:

  1. Runaway (4:08)
  2. Conqueror (3:27)
  3. Running with the Wolves (3:14)
  4. Lucky (4:04)
  5. Winter Bird (4:07)
  6. I Went Too Far (3:27)
  7. Through the Eyes of a Child (4:34)
  8. Warrior (3:43)
  9. Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) (3:20)
  10. Home (3:32)
  11. Under the Water (4:24)
  12. Black Water Lilies (4:42)

And for the deluxe edition:

  1. Half the World Away (3:18)
  2. Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) (Acoustic) (3:38)
  3. Nature Boy (Acoustic) (2:59)
  4. Wisdom Cries (4:07)
  5. Running with the Wolves (Pablo Nouvelle Remix) (3:50)

Gather from Wikipedia, AMDGMAAF has sit in one of the 30 top album in Dutch (25), German (24), and UK (28), and in a number one Norwegian album. It quite shows that AMDGMAAF worth a try, I think. So, go buy her album and be prepared to be lost in an enchanting music meet poetic lyrics.

PS: Here’s one fun fact, Half the World Away is written by one of Oasis member. Guess who!