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Undertow From Panama

Shout out to my best friend and also my partner in this music blog, Rizkana, who already introduced me to this awesome band called Panama. One day, she asked me to hear this song and honestly, it took three times play for me until I finally admit that she is true and Panama definitely has a really good music. My best friend always right when she suggest me to new music so thanks to her.

If you like Kygo, Miami Horror, or Wild Cub, I think you will like Panama too. Panama brings electropop music as their characteristics. Panama already released three EP and Undertow was taken from their latest EP, Hope For Something which was released on last June. This song has addicting melodies from the drum beats, electronic instruments, and of course piano tunes. Definitely a great song to hear.

If you haven’t hear Undertow from Panama, what are you waiting for? Go press the play button below and get ready to dance! Thank you for visiting Kustosica and I hope you enjoy this article.


Throw Back Thursday

Speeding Cars From Imogen Heap

It’s time for Throwback Thursday! This week I’m going to take you to around 12 years ago, to the year of 2005 and this is one of my favorite singer at that time. Maybe all of you still remember the song called Goodnight and Go as one of the soundtrack from the famous TV series, The OC. Can you guess who sing this song? Right! She is a British electro and alternative pop singer-songwriter, Imogen Heap. I was one of her huge fan at that moment and somehow, her voice still gave me a goosebumps every time I hear her song.

For our Throwback Thursday this week, I choose one of Imogen Heap’s song called Speeding Cars and I think this song already on my playlist for almost decade and still become my favorite ones. The tunes of piano combined with Imogen Heap’s voice at the intro always gave me chills and make me falling in love with this song. Definitely a perfect combination and a great pleasure for your ears. I totally love this song so much.

Okay! Let me remind you a little bit about this song. Just press the play button below and let’s see if you still remember this song or not. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and your favorite 90’s and early 2000 favorite song by give a comment in our blog. We will so happy to reply the comment from each of you. Thank you and enjoy the music. 🙂


Most Anticipated

Most Anticipated Singer: Ry-Lo

I think 2017 will be an exciting year for music industry. So far, I already found some interesting new music from new musicians who will released their debut EP next year. One of them is an alternative pop singer from Nashville, United States, Ry-Lo. Quite different from what I know about Nashville as one of the best city who already produced so many great country musicians, Ry-Lo bring alternative pop in her music and introduced us with her own music character .

I found her music through Discover Weekly in Spotify and I feel so excited when I heard her music for the first time. There’s something powerful in her music and her voice. Ry-Lo already released three songs: Grand Canyon, New Friend, and Come Close. One of her single called Grand Canyon is a powerful song with a great sound of electric guitar and the beat of the drum. Somehow, the melodies a little bit remind me with Coldplay, but Ry-Lo definitely has something unique in her music.

Somehow, I have a feeling that Ry-Lo will be huge singer really soon so I choose her as our Most Anticipated Singer. Definitely can’t wait to hear her debut EP or maybe an album. For now, try to hear one of her songs which also my favorite too and let us know your opinion about Ry-Lo. Thank you and enjoy the music. 🙂