Throw Back Thursday

At Your Side by The Corrs

We’re back! But first, we are so sorry for our absence in Throwback Thursday category for the last two months I think. But now, I’m so ready to take you to the 90’s and early 2000’s music era and remind you a little bit about your favorite music when you grow up.

This time I’m gonna take you to the year of 2000 and for the second time, I choose my all time favorite band from Ireland, The Corrs. Yes, even after 12 years since the first time I heard their music, I’m still falling in love with this band. And Andrea’s voice is still the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard.

For our Throwback Thursday this week, I choose one of my favorite song from The Corrs, At Your Side. This song was appear in The Corrs Unplugged album (1999) and In Blue (2000). At Your Side becomes my favorite one because the lyrics is so beautiful and the melodies also so wonderful. You can sing this song to your beloved ones, best friend and family.

Okay, I think I already talk too much, but let me remind you a little bit about this song. So, just press the play button below and share your thoughts and your favorite 90’s or 2000’s music in our blog. Enjoy the music and thank you for visiting Kustosica.