Gigs and Festivals Alert

Gigs And Festivals Alert in August 2017

Hello again folks! Can’t believe we’re already at the end of Summer. Last month, there were a lot of interesting gigs in Asia and Australia region like Haim and Maggie Roggers. This August also has many interesting gigs and festivals. Have you secure your tickets folks? If you live around Asia and Australia and still looking for any gigs or festivals to attend, here’s the list for gigs and festivals this August:

1st August 2017

Oh Wonder – DND Club, Bangkok, Thailand

Train – Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

2nd August 2017

LANY – Moonstar Studio, Bangkok, Thailand

4th August 2017

Train – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Vera Blue – The Gov, Hindmarsh, SA, Australia

LANY – Glorietta Mall, Makati City, Phillipines

5th August 2017

LANY – Alabang Town Center, Makati City, Phillipines

LANY – Ayala Mall Greenbelt, Manila, Phillipines

Vera Blue – Metropolis – Fremantle, Fremantle, WA, Australia

6th August 2017

LANY – Market! Market!, Taguig, Phillipines

LANY – TriNoma Mall, Quezon City, Phillipines

9th August 2017

Vera Blue – Grand Hotel, Mornington, VIC, Australia

10th August 2017

LANY – SCAPE The Ground Theatre, Singapore, Singapore

11th August 2017 – 13th August 2017

WE THE FEST 2017 (Kodaline, Shura, LANY, Daya, Phoenix, Charlie XCX, etc) – JIEXPO Kemayoran Jakarta Indonesia

11th August 2017

Vera Blue – 170 Russell, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

12th August 2017 – 13th August 2017

Good Vibes Festivals 2017 (Kodaline, Phoenix, Dua Lipa, etc) – The Ranch, Genting Highlands. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

14th August 2017

Bastille – The Star Theatre, Singapore

17th August 2017

Amy Shark – Cornel Hotel, Richmond, VIC, Australia

18th August 2017

The Jungle Giants – The Triffid, Fortitude Valley, QLD, Australia

Amy Shark – Cornel Hotel, Richmond, VIC, Australia

20th August 2017

The Jungle Giants – The Triffid, Fortitude Valley, QLD, Australia

24th August 2017

The Jungle Giants – Miami Marketta, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

25th August 2017

Amy Shark – Woolly Mammoth, Fortitude Valley, QLD, Australia

Vera Blue – The Triffid, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

26th August 2017

Amy Shark – Woolly Mammoth, Fortitude Valley, QLD, Australia

The Jungle Giants – The Croxton Bedroom, Thornbury, VIC, Australia

27th August 2017

The Jungle Giants – The Croxton Bedroom, Thornbury, VIC, Australia

Vera Blue – Miami Marketta, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

31th August 2017

Amy Shark – Oxford Art Factory, Darlinghurst, NSW, Australia

So, that’s it. If you haven’t got the tickets yet, go get the tickets before it sold out. If you already have it, I wish you have a great time in there folks.


In Our Humble Opinion

Best Albums in 2016 (Ika version)

Wow, can’t believe that 2016 just passed us! Though we are ready to embrace 2017, we thought we will share our own version of “5 Best Albums in 2016” as a tribute to 2016. Please note that this lists are pure our opinion and we will be more than glad if you share with us too your own version of 5 best albums in 2016 🙂

Okay, here comes my 5 Best Albums in 2016:

5. Big Mess by Grouplove


Released on last September 9th, 2016, the third album from Grouplove, Big Mess, won my heart for its full energy tunes. Some songs are a perfect companion for your morning errands. I once described this album as “a roller coaster mood journey” because you can dance and sing wholeheartedly at some point and at the other you just want to sit and listen to Hannah Hooper’s and Christian Zucconi’s voices.

Most Favourite song: Don’t Stop Making It Happen

4. Robyn Sherwell by Robyn Sherwell

Robyn Sherwell album

This debut album of British electro-pop singer, Robyn Sherwell, was immediately captivating me when I heard it. For a debut album, Sherwell successfully introduce her music colour. You can find a red line in every song in this album–minimal instruments, like piano, guitar or pounding drum, that pointing out her soft, soulful voice. Her voice maybe sound soft, but you can feel the firmness of her music in the melody. I rarely found an album where all the songs are equally enjoyable, but I dare to say that this debut album is the totally enjoyable one.

Most Favourite song: My Hand

3. Wrong Crowd by Tom Odell


I am a new fan of Tom Odell music, thanks to his second album, Wrong Crowd, which out last June 10th, 2016. I love how Odell deliver each song, full emotion and mean it. I love the simple yet deep lyric and the richness melody in every song. I remember how this album bewitched me, dominating my music preference, for months I just want to listen to this album. Well, I think any other Odell’s fans will agree that this album worth the 3 years of waiting.

Most Favourite song: Silhouette

2. Wild World by Bastille


I love Bastille’s music since their debut album, Bad Blood, era. And I’m glad their second album, Wild World, shows how their music grow. They explore their music using new instruments, even widen up their genre, and I love, love, love, how you still be able tracing their true colour despite the lot of new tunes. Also, I salute them for their thoughtful lyrics, their effort to raising awareness of what is happening in this social politic life, in this, indeed, wild world.

Most Favourite song: Way Beyond

1. The Colour in Anything by James Blake


I put James Blake’s third album, The Colour in Anything, in the first place for one ultimate reason, which I proved it my self. The reason is, his album triggers me to creates another form of arts.

Most Favourite song: Modern Soul

There, my 5 best albums in 2016. We’ll be more than glad if you share with us your best albums in 2016 too 🙂 Happy new year, folks!



Gigs and Festivals Alert

Gigs and Festivals in September 2016

Our Gigs and Festivals entry for this month could be a good news for some people and bad news for other. Good news for those who haven’t save much and planning to skip any gigs because, for me personally, there isn’t any gig this month that I’d like to suggest you to watch it so, don’t worry, you won’t miss much. Bad news for those who crave some gigs or festivals vibes, you guys probably have to wait till October or months later to attend gigs or festivals around Southeast Asia and Australia. Anyway, Singapore Grand Prix can save you. That race will also bring world known musicians, which some are also our favorite, like Bastille, Imagine Dragons, Halsey, Kylie Minogue, and more. If you wanting to come, the event will be held on 16, 17, and 18 September. For further information, kindly visit the official site 🙂



Bastille Revealed the 3rd Single, Send Them Off!

Count down to 8 days before the official Album release date, Bastille just revealed their next single, called Send Them Off! The song begins with a man talking like in an ancient movie or documentation, quite similar to the others songs before, Good Grief and Fake It. Then trumpet melodies greet you, remind you of a hero theme song back when you are a kid. After the intro, you finally hear how Dan sings the lyrics that he gave you a glimpse via his Instagram account.

Compare to the last single, Fake ItSend Them Off! has an easier melody to be stuck in your mind. It is an easy to singalong kind a song. Have you heard it? If you haven’t, kindly press the play button below.

I’m beginning to think that I’m a whining fan but… I still think that there’s something hanging in the air while listening to the new single from Bastille, Send Them Off! I still feel the song like almost finish, almost as good as any Bastille’s first album, and still think Bastille could make it better than the version they had released.

Still, I’m excited to hear the whole songs in the new album, which will be out on September 9th. Let’s see how Bastille surprise their fan!



“Fake It” the New Single from Bastille

What do you think about Bastille’s new single, Fake It, guys? I’m in a total anticipation mode towards the new album. By saying anticipation mean whether I’ll like it or not. Before the official announcement of their new album, Bastille often play some new song in their gig aaaannnddddd…. my first impression is, they sure play a different thing. But I still in a neutral zone about the new thing. When they released Good Grief I slightly began to like the new Bastille. But, I do not certain I like the new Bastille when they released Fake It.

I can’t quite describe exactly what’s making the new single does not really impress me. I miss the upbeat tunes, the tapping drum, and the choir where you can sing it together with Dan Smith. Yes, Fake It is wrapped in upbeat tunes and there’s tapping drum but it sound so electro, it miss the echo. And I don’t know, the song doesn’t come with easy-to-sing-along line and melody. I feel like, they are holding something and the overall of this song is like hanging in the air–the new single surprisingly so so. Well, that’s my first impression, which, just like I said before, making me anticipate the new album. If you haven’t heard their new single, click the play button below and feel free to tell us what do you think about the single and your expectation towards the new album 🙂



Most Anticipated


My first encounter with Rationale is through Bastille’s mixtape VS (Other People Heartache Pt. III). He is one of the featuring musicians in the album. Together with Tyde and Bastille, they work for the song called Axe To Grind. The first thing that stolen my attention is his smooth and rich of R&B voice. My curiosity grew bigger as Dan Smith, Bastille’s front man, diligently talking and promoting Rationale’s music. So I began to dig, what’s Rationale’s music like. And, I should have said before that I should not doubt Smith’s taste of music to begin with because Rationale is a promising musicians that I won’t doubt will grow bigger soon.



Rationale is a project and a stage name of Tinashe Fazakerley, a Zimbabwe-born British singer songwriter. People describe his music genre as alternative pop, R&B, and synthpop, but, for me, what makes his music stand up is his signature in his music, which is his voice and his talent in putting details in songs. Once you’ve listen to Rationale’s music, you’ll know it’s his music when you hear new music from him. It’s recognizable. Tinashe his self already jump into music industry years before. He once released an album under his former stage name Tinashé; he’d work with Mark Crew–also knows as Bastille’s producer, he also become a songwriter for other’s artist like Rag ‘N’ Bone Man. But the name of Rationale slowly soar in when he released his EP, called Fuel to the Fire in 2015.

The EP contains of 4 easy listening songs, Fast LaneRe.Up, Fuel to the Fire, and The Mire. His smooth, calming, relaxing, yet full of emotion voice is on point. I bet, you can’t help yourself joining him to sing along–try to listen to The Mire. You’ll also find yourself swing along with the music when you listen to this EP, especially for Fast Lane and Re.Up. Besides his amazing voice, the details in every song, like the stand up melody between the verse 1 and two or the swinging humming in the background, surely mesmerizing and making me want to keep listening the EP over and over again.

I really looking forward to the day he will release his LP, which thankfully has been planed to release in September this year. Rationale already teased the excited fans with his two new singles Something For Nothing and Palms. If you haven’t heard of his music, this is the right time to check his music and catch up with our most anticipated artist. Here, take a listen to Rationale’s EP and let’s anticipate his LP together this September 🙂



Bastille is Coming Back With an Easy Listening Track, “Good Grief”

The wait is over, guys! A couple of hours ago Bastille just drop a kinda ‘bomb’ to their devoted fans. Yup, finally after a long time teasing fans with a glimpse of their new album, today, they release Good Grief as their first single for the upcoming LP 2, called Wild World. 

When they announced their new album earlier this year, I got a feeling that it seems like the album will contain lots of dark tune. But, Good Grief surprises me. Opposite to a dark tune, Good Grief sounds so easy listening, the bass and drums tempt you to dance and one of the lyrics, Watching through my fingers, surely will stuck in your mind once you heard the song. And, just like any other Bastille’s song, Good Grief shows their richness melody from the keyboard tunes at the background which, I bet, catch your ear. You can take a listen to Good Grief here 🙂




Playlist: The Dancing Fingers

I find it piano sound in songs, whether as a background or accompaniment, is a beautiful and surely enchanting things. Hence, I pick some songs in which piano sounds steals my attention. Hope you guys enjoy this short playlist and won’t hesitate to let me know other songs with a touch of piano that you like 🙂



Playlist: Favorite Featuring Songs

I always find it refreshing and exciting to listen to a music collaboration. It’s like seeing two stars collide, you get awe by how bright the light and how big the explosion is, in my poetic way opinion 😀 So, when I have a chance to make a playlist, I pick some of my favorite featuring single. Most of them are a new single, so there’s a fat chance that I miss a lot of magnificent “featuring” single 🙂 If you guys have others favorite featuring songs feel free to let me know by commenting bellow 😀 I hope you enjoy this 30 minutes playlist!


In Our Humble Opinion

Songs that Inspired by Literature

Ever wonder where the musicians get their inspiration? Ever heard lyrics that slightly familiar with something you ever read? If the answers are yes, maybe there’s a word that pop up on your mind now, book! Yes, you guys probably already realized that book, or literature, has a reciprocal relationship in the case of giving inspiration with music. Many authors had admit that they listen to some songs or album from some musician while they write their book and so does the musicians. I picked some musician, mostly the one I love ;), whose songs has been inspired by literature below.

Poet by Bastille

Aside getting inspired from a television show, Twin Peaks, for their song Laura Palmer, Dan Smith–Bastille’s vocalist, is also write a song inspired by literature. He admit that the inspiration behind their song, Poet, is Sonnet 18 written by William Shakespeare. Perhaps the inspiration comes from these lines:

Nor shall Death brag thou wander’st in his shade,
When in eternal lines to time thou grow’st:
So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee. 

Which in Poet, he writes:

I have written you down
Now you will live forever
And all the world will read you
And you live forever
In eyes not yet created
On tongues that are not born
I have written you down
Now you will live forever

Besides Poet, Dan Smith also gather inspiration from literature for his other song, called, Weight of Living Pt. 1. This time, the inspiration come from Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem, The Rime of The Ancient Mariner. You can hear the ‘click’ sound from the use of Albatross word in both poem and song.

Breezeblocks by Alt-J

For Alt-J’s fans you probably already heard that Breezeblocks is inspired by children book, Where the Wild Things Are written by Maurice Sendak. You can find the lyrics quoted the dialogue with a little modification. While Sendak wrote, “Please don’t go, we’ll eat you whole, we love you so!” Alt-J’s lyrics stated, Please don’t go, I’ll eat you whole
I love you so, I love you so, I love you so. Well, I bet though the lyrics potray an obsessive kind a needy love, and quite creepy, you just can’t help to sing a long and liking this song, hm? 😀

Don’t Look Back in Anger by Oasis

This 1996 signature song of Oasis, which is one of my favorite too, is also has a connection with literature world. This time the inspiration, especially for the title, come from a play, Look Back in Anger written by John Osborne in 1956. The title play also become a song tittle for David Bowie’s song in the Lodger album.  David Bowie himself has influence for Oasis music.

Body Electric by Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey has several songs that inspired by literature. In her album, Paradise, Del Rey has Body Electric that has a relation with I Sing the Body Electric, Walt Whitman’s poem. The tittle of the poem become the chorus and one of the lines is “Whitman is my daddy, Monaco’s my mother, Diamonds are my bestest friend.”

Another Del Rey’s song that inspired by literature is Off to the Races. There are lines that has references how Humbert Humbert, one of the character in Lolita–a novel written by Vladimir Nabokov, seduced Dolores Haze.


I know that there are only 4 musicians that I took a sample with, mostly, because I know and like those songs. If you know other songs that inspired by literature, and you like them, a comment is very much welcome 😀