BØRNS Returns With His New Single, Faded Heart

Finally! It’s been two years since his last irresistible debut album Dopamine gave us a great pleasure to our ears. Now, Garret Borns or known worldwide as BØRNS has returns and finally released his new single Faded Heart. This song was his first single for his upcoming new album which was predict will be release sometime in the beginning of 2018. Hands up if you already feel so excited to hear his new album!

The only thing that I could say about BØRNS is he never lost his touch to make a good music. You’ll always falling in love with his music since the first hear. That’s exactly what I feel when the first time I hear The Emotion and Electric Love. It is the same like when I hear Faded Heart for the first time. Actually, Faded Heart has more upbeat that other songs before, but BØRNS definitely bring something so refreshing and powerful. Plus, BØRNS’ dreamy and powerful voice makes everything so great to hear.

So, if you haven’t heard BØRNS’ new single Faded Heart, I think you have to listen it and I bet you will falling in love to with this song. Go press the play button below and don’t forget to share your thought by give us a comment in our blog. Enjoy the music and thank you for already visiting Kustosica. 🙂


Most Anticipated


Dagny Norvol Sandvik, or more known as Dagny, is a Norwegian pop singer who recently caught my attention. She just released her EP, called Ultraviolet, on last September 2nd. The EP contains of 5 songs, which are Fight SleepUltravioletToo YoungBackbeat, and Fool’s Gold. In the last song, she’s working with BØRNS. If I have to describe the 5 songs in this EP, I’ll choose energy injection.

I dare to guarantee you that all songs in this EP will make you dance, or swing your body following the energetic rhythm. Her clear and powerful voice maybe won’t be a thing about her that help you recognize her music right away, but the energy she  gives into her song will makes you want to listen to her music again and again. With a tendency into an electro-pop, a strong backing vocals, a pounding drum beats, and lyric–especially the chorus part–easy to sing along, Dagny has so much potential to be our next favorite musicians. If you haven’t check her EP, you can press the play button below and see for yourself what Dagny’s music offers you 😉


Currently Listening To

Seeing Stars by BØRNS

My question until now is… why BØRNS didn’t put Seeing Stars in his debut album, Dopamine? Because I’ve been listening to this song for about 8 months. Some love songs could sounds cheesy, but Seeing Stars describing the beauty of falling in love in a humble and sweet way. Take a look this lyrics

First sight she made me look twice, cause I never seen someone walk as light as the wind blows

I caught up to try and get your name, quickly wrote a love letter turned it into and airplane

You looked up and that was enough cause you let out other butterflies that couldn’t be contained

I can go on and on talking about the lyrics, like the man in this song represent common people who fall in love and normally burdened by worries that their love won’t reciprocate,

Some dreams never do come true
Some love doesn’t hit the target
I’ve been wishing about you
Darling I’ve been wishing my hardest

but I’m afraid I’ll make you bored 😉 So, kindly check this music video of BØRNS live performing Seeing Stars. Enjoy!