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Gigs and Festivals in December 2016

Happy Holiday folks! I can’t believe it’s already the last month in 2016. December is gonna be an exciting month because it’s filled with so many exciting concert that maybe some of you already waited for so long. For all of you who lived around Australasia, especially Australia, I bet it’s gonna be a busy month for you. There are so many gigs and music festivals with awesome lined up are waiting for you. Actually, I’m quiet envy for all of you who lived in Australia. 🙂 Okay, here are the list of gigs and festivals that will be held this December.

2nd December 2016

Bell X1 – Prince Bandroom, Saint Kilda, Victoria, Australia

3rd December 2016

Coldplay – Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand

Chairlift – The Zoo, Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia

4th December 2016

Bell X1 – Amplifier Capitol, Fremantle, Australia

6th December 2016

Coldplay – Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

7th December 2016

Chairlift – Max Watt’s-Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

9th December 2016

Coldplay – Etihad Stadium, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

10th December 2016

Coldplay – Etihad Stadium, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Tigertown – Woolly Mammoth, Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia

Missy Higgins – Birn in Hand Winery, Woodside, Adelaide, South Australia

13th December 2016

Coldplay – Allianz Stadium (at Moore Park), Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

14th December 2016

Coldplay – Allianz Stadium (at Moore Park), Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

17th December 2016

Tigertown – Jive, Adelaide, South Australia

27th December 2016 – 1st January 2017

Woodford Folk Festival (Little May) – Woodfordia, Woodford, Queensland, Australia

27th December 2016 – 29th December 2016

Southbond Festival 2016 (Ladyhawke, Phantogram, Highasakite) – Busselton, Perth, WA, Australia

28th December 2016 – 1st January 2017

Beyond The Valley Music Festival 2016 (Highasakite, Ladyhawke, Phantogram, etc) – Lardner, Victoria, Australia

Okay, that’s it. Have you already secure your own ticket? Which gig or festival that you want to attend this month? I hope you enjoy the gig and festival folks. Have fun and see you next year folks. 🙂


Album Review

Album Review: Moth by Chairlift

I love Chairlift. But, before Moth, there used to be only one song that hooked me so much in their album, like I belong To Your Arms in their album–Something or Bruises in their album–Does You Inspire You. Both songs are so good that it still makes me curious whenever Chairlift releases a single or an album.



Track listing:

1. “Look Up” 2:14
2. “Polymorphing” 4:43
3. “Romeo” 3:08
4. “Ch-Ching” 3:47
5. “Crying in Public” 4:28
6. “Ottawa to Osaka” 4:55
7. “Moth to the Flame” 2:57
8. “Show U Off” 3:32
9. “Unfinished Business” 4:33
10. “No Such Thing as Illusion” 6:26

You can quite expect what will you get from Moth the first time you listen to Look Up as the opening for the album. Yes, it promising us an experiment in electro-pop music with a various tempo and Caroline Polachek voice still dominating the songs. There’s quite experiment with saxophone in Polymorphing and enchanting experiment tunes in Ottawa to Osaka and No Such Thing as Illusion. Those songs are quite hypnotizing and engaging for me that I could listen to it and weirdly feel a bit calm. Though you may raise an eyebrow to read this, but Ottawa to Osaka is kinda relaxing to listen when I want to let my mind wandering around.

Aside from the new tunes, don’t you worry, you can still find their signature music in their up beat song, take a listen to Romeo, Ch-Ching (my favorite lyrics from all of the song in Moth!), Moth to the Flame, and Show it Off. The exact composition makes you able to sing and dancing at the same time without having to worry you’ll run out of breath. Crying in Public is also my favorite. The lyrics are touchy and the music has a charm that able to soothe you. It’s hard not to feel empathy towards this love song.

My least favorite probably will be Unfinished Business. In some parts, the high tunes makes me cringe, though this one kinda feel quite emotionally one, don’t you think? Once again, I think Polachek’s voice gives so much impact.

Now that I think what makes Moth different from and makes me like it more that their other albums is it feels like natural to listen to the songs, almost without thinking, the songs could be accompany me when I do something, commute, reading, even writing. It feels fit in. Their uniqueness lay in the hodgepodge tunes that surprisingly get along nicely with Polachek’s voice. The way she sings, which sometimes in a murmur’s mode, the other time in a high pitch’s mode, make it hard to resist to join her singing the song.


Currently Listening To

Crying in Public by Chairlift

For me, listening to Crying in Public is like eating a slice of cake. I enjoy every minute of slowly ‘devouring’ it. The icing is Caroline Polachek’s voice in a wistful and high note. You know this cake is a sweet one, but in your mouth the taste isn’t too much, isn’t make you worry that you will have a diabetic. Just like the song. Yes, the girl is sad because of her unlucky love story, but Caroline present the emotion in this song without sounding way too much. It makes you able to sing a long without having to have a break down cause of your sadness. That is why I like this song and been listening since weeks ago. Now, why don’t you have a listen to the track below and share to us your opinion 😉




Playlist: Favorite Duo Bands

What cross in your mind when you hear The White Stripes, Hall & Oates, or Erasure? Right, they are one of so many well-known duo bands in music industry. Sometimes, can you imagine a band with only two members can create such a great music? Yes, I’m still amazed when I saw their performance. Well, sometime they might need some additional players or helped by computer sound, but still.. they have an ability to make an awesome music.

So, this is my playlist which consist my favorite songs from my favorite duo band. Enjoy the music..!!

Actually, there are so many duo bands that I really love, like Ms Mr, The Ting Tings, Lovers Electric, and Us The Duo. But so far, those are my top 7. If you have your own favorite duo band, you can tell us by give the comment below. Yes, let us know what your favorite one. Thank You.. 🙂