Throw Back Thursday

You’ve Got Away From Shania Twain

Thanks to Haim because now I’m back listening to Shania Twain’s album again after a quite long time. I almost forgot her awesomeness when she sing every song. Shania Twain definitely a real diva in music industry. That’s why I choose Shania Twain as our Throwback Thursday for this week.

One of my favorite song from Shania Twain is You’ve Got Away. This song was taken from her third studio album Come On Over (1997). If you already watched Notting Hill, I think you really know about this song. You’ve Got Away is one of ballad song in this album. The melodies are so calm and Shania Twain’s beautiful voice makes everything so perfect to hear.

Well, if you a little bit forgot about this song, let me remind you then. Press the play button below and don’t forget to share your favorite 90’s or early 2000’s song. Thank you and enjoy the music.