Throw Back Thursday

With You by Linkin Park

Raise your hand if you grow up with this American alternative rock band, Linkin Park. I did–again, thanks to my brother’s music taste. I remember, their debut album, Hybrid Theory, was totally a thing and phenomenal. Maybe because, at that time, Linkin Park brought new air in rock music. They combine electro music, hip hop, rap rock, with rock music, not to forget the way they insert synthesizer into their music, it’s a treat no one can resist to enjoy. The duet between Mike Shinoda and Charles Bennington’s voices are also what makes Linkin Park’s music an addicting thing. I believe lot of people will agree that Hybrid Theory is one of the best alternative rock album ever released.

Now, to pick only one song from this album to be our #ThrowBackThursday is a hard job. I debated with my own self whether to pick In The EndCrawlingRunawayBy Myself, or… all of them. Well, life is so full of choices but too often you can only choose one, so here I am choosing With You as our #TBT. Hope this single will trigger your memory of 2000’s alternative rock era and makes you treat yourself by listening to this album. Enjoy!