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Album Review: Reservoir – Gordi

I think I might too late if I write about Gordi’s latest album, but I hope all of you still can enjoy this article because honestly, I can’t stop listening Reservoir until now. This album is too good, too genius, and too wonderful and somehow its hard for me to describe it. But yes, I already falling in love with Gordi since the first time I hear Can We Work It Out. Then, she released her debut EP called Clever Disguise and once again, I falling in love with each song in that EP. Now, Gordi just released her debut studio album called Reservoir on last August and she never stop amazed me with her music. Okay, let me tell you about this album

Long Way become the first song that you will hear from this album and it is definitely a great song to start the journey from this album. From this song, I can tell you that Gordi absolutely a musical genius. The combination between every instruments and sound effect and of course Gordi’s wonderful voice makes everything so perfect to hear. She proved it once again in the second song called All The Light We Cannot See. This song has more upbeat from the first one, but the element of folktronica already become Gordi’s music characteristic.

The next song is On My Side and I think this is the most upbeat song in this album. The touch of acoustic guitar combined with the percussion and electronic instruments makes everything so beautiful. Quite different with the next song. Bitter End is a slow tempo song with guitar and piano sound as the main interest, but the percussion beats at the end brings something that gave me goosebumps from head to toe. Bitter End definitely one of my favorite from this album.

Heaven I Know also my favorite song from this album. This melodies and the lyrics makes me lost my words to describe about this song. Everything so perfect to hear from the repeated whispered rhythm at the beginning , the looping, piano sound, until the sound layers. Somehow, Gordi try to make us understand what she feels towards this song. The next song called I’m Done. You can hear the folk elements are thicker in this song from the acoustic guitar and trumpets sounds.

For how many times, Gordi proved again that she is totally musical genius through Myriad and Aeon. The sound layers and looping definitely makes me speechless. The string sounds in Aeon is the new thing from her music and makes me falling deeper towards this album. The next song also my favorite song from this album. It is Can We Work It Out. Yes, this song is the first song that makes me falling in love with Gordi’s music. What a perfect combination between the percussion, the guitar, electronic instruments, and of course Gordi’s wonderful voice.

Gordi brings new sound in Better Than Then, Closer To No. This time is electronic guitar and it is so good when its combined with electronic instruments. Something Like This become the last song from this awesome album. As usual, Gordi show us her magnificent skill making wonderful song by the combination from every musical instruments. Definitely so good.

That’s it. Somehow, eleven song never enough for me so I have to play this album over and over again. If I can give this album score, I will give 8.5 for this album. For you who haven’t heard Reservoir yet, I suggest you to hear this album and I guarantee you also falling in love with this album too. Thank you and I hope you enjoy this article.



Gordi Finally Released Her Awesome Debut Album, Reservoir

Hello again folks! It’s been a while since our last articles. So sorry for our absence. But, thank you for already followed our blog. We will do the best thing we could to give you more information about music. 🙂

Okay, I’m back with this exciting news from one of the best Australian musician ever, the genius from Canowindra, Sophie Payten, or known worldwide as Gordi. For all Gordi’s fans around the world (including me), I bet today will be day that you already wait for so long. I’m quiet sure most of you already gave a mark in your calendar for today. Yes! Yes! Yes! Gordi finally released her awesome debut studio album Reservoir today.  This album includes 11 songs that will make you falling in love with her music deeper and deeper. Absolutely irresistible and totally lovable is the only thing that I can about this album for now. I’m gonna tell you about our review for this album and each songs in our next article for album review category.

For now, try to listen Gordi’s debut album below and I’m sure you’ll falling in love at the first hear. Enjoy the music and thank you for already visiting Kustosica.


Most Anticipated


I’ve been talking about this duo for months, but haven’t properly introduce them as our one of Most Anticipated artists. IDER is a stage name for Megan Markwick and Lily Somerville, a London-based duo. I have lots expectations and anticipation toward their, hopefully, EP or LP which, again, hopefully will be out next year.

The expectation come from their 4 released singles, which are SorryPulseKing Ruby, and Million. By hearing those singles you get a glimpse how sure IDER with the colour of their music. The quality of their singles, how neat they produce them, are pro and make me wonder why don’t they release their EP soon. As a duo, the harmony between their voice sounds effortless, they complete each other part. The way they arrange their melody, the piano and percussion, build an enchanting mood of electro music that leaving the listener to wanting to hear it again and again. You need to listen to their music and see for yourself why you and I have to put IDER to our list of Most Anticipated artists in 2017.


Most Anticipated

The Most Anticipated Singer: Gordi

There’s no doubt for me at all to choose Gordi as the most anticipated singer of this month. Yes! When I know that I got my turn to write an article about the most anticipated singer for this month, somehow her name just suddenly pop-up in my head. I think I already told you about how awesome she is before, right?

Okay! Gordi a.k.a. Sophie Payten is 22-year-old folktronica singer-songwriter from Canowindra, Sydney, Australia. About a month ago, I accidentally found and heard her single called Can We Work It Out in Soundcloud. Since then, I falling in love with her music and her unique voice.Not long after, I heard Gordi’s song called Wanting and this song just make me falling in love with her music deeper and deeper.


Gordi just released her debut EP called Clever Disguise in May 13th 2016. Have you listen to her EP? I warn you, this EP is one of the best thing I’ve ever heard. Ever. There’s something different and unique about her music and it is so addicting. The combination between acoustic and electronic instruments makes the rhythm and the melodies so rich and so catchy. Plus, Gordi’s voice is one of the most wonderful and gorgeous voice ever. Her songs also has a wonderful lyrics. So, all I can say is her music is a perfect mixture of every awesome music elements. I think five songs in her EP never enough for me. Definitely can’t wait to hear her full album and I’m sure she will be a huge singer really soon. So, yes! Gordi really deserve as the most anticipated singer of this month.

“And everything you’ve ever lost. Must have a reason it is never found. Convince yourself you’re better off. And you’ll be fine.” -Nothing’s As It Seems-

I think you need to hear how awesome she is by yourself. Try to stream and listen her new EP via Stereogum website ( ) and share your thoughts by give the comment below. Or, you can check her video when she sings Can We Work It Out in piano version. God! This is too awesome and I think you will agree with me. Thank you and enjoy Gordi’s music!