Playlist: Halloween Madness

Well, let’s say I’m kind of clueless to find a theme for playlist category. But then, I realize Halloween Day is coming really soon. This Halloween moment makes me remember some songs which has the same title with Halloween theme. I thought I found some song with this kind of title lately and some of them become my favorite too. Can you guess what? Right! It’s a Ghost. Did you realize there are many songs used Ghost as their song title? Well, the song doesn’t actually talk about ghost, but it’s kind of interesting for me to find out that Ghost become one of the most popular song tittle.

Okay, enjoy this Halloween Madness Playlist. I hope you like it. And if you have another song with the same title, you may shared with us. We will be happy to get your comment and opinion. Thank you.


Gigs and Festivals Alert

Gigs and Festivals in September 2016

Our Gigs and Festivals entry for this month could be a good news for some people and bad news for other. Good news for those who haven’t save much and planning to skip any gigs because, for me personally, there isn’t anyΒ gig this month that I’d like to suggest you to watch it so, don’t worry, you won’t miss much. Bad news for those who crave some gigs or festivals vibes, you guys probably have to wait till October or months later to attend gigs or festivals around Southeast Asia and Australia. Anyway,Β Singapore Grand Prix can save you. That race will also bring world known musicians, which some are also our favorite, like Bastille, Imagine Dragons, Halsey, Kylie Minogue, and more. If you wanting to come, the event will be held on 16, 17, and 18 September. For further information, kindly visit the official site πŸ™‚