Currently Listening To

Palace From Hayley Kiyoko

My currently listening for this week is Palace from American singer-songwriter and also an actress, Hayley Kiyoko. Maybe I was too late to discover this great song, but Palace definitely a great pleasure to hear. This song has a catchy beat and irresistible melodies with the combination from electronic instruments and of course, Kiyoko’s beautiful voice.

Palace was taken from Hayley Kiyoko’s third EP Citrine which already released since September 2016. This EP definitely awesome and somehow five songs are never enough for me. For you who haven’t heard this EP, it is not too late. Let your ears hear a great melodies from Hayley Kiyoko. Go press the play button below and try to hear one of my favorite song from Kiyoko’s last EP, Palace. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this song by give a comment in our blog. Thank you and enjoy the music folks.