Gigs and Festivals Alert

Gigs and Festivals in December 2016

Happy Holiday folks! I can’t believe it’s already the last month in 2016. December is gonna be an exciting month because it’s filled with so many exciting concert that maybe some of you already waited for so long. For all of you who lived around Australasia, especially Australia, I bet it’s gonna be a busy month for you. There are so many gigs and music festivals with awesome lined up are waiting for you. Actually, I’m quiet envy for all of you who lived in Australia. 🙂 Okay, here are the list of gigs and festivals that will be held this December.

2nd December 2016

Bell X1 – Prince Bandroom, Saint Kilda, Victoria, Australia

3rd December 2016

Coldplay – Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand

Chairlift – The Zoo, Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia

4th December 2016

Bell X1 – Amplifier Capitol, Fremantle, Australia

6th December 2016

Coldplay – Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

7th December 2016

Chairlift – Max Watt’s-Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

9th December 2016

Coldplay – Etihad Stadium, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

10th December 2016

Coldplay – Etihad Stadium, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Tigertown – Woolly Mammoth, Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia

Missy Higgins – Birn in Hand Winery, Woodside, Adelaide, South Australia

13th December 2016

Coldplay – Allianz Stadium (at Moore Park), Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

14th December 2016

Coldplay – Allianz Stadium (at Moore Park), Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

17th December 2016

Tigertown – Jive, Adelaide, South Australia

27th December 2016 – 1st January 2017

Woodford Folk Festival (Little May) – Woodfordia, Woodford, Queensland, Australia

27th December 2016 – 29th December 2016

Southbond Festival 2016 (Ladyhawke, Phantogram, Highasakite) – Busselton, Perth, WA, Australia

28th December 2016 – 1st January 2017

Beyond The Valley Music Festival 2016 (Highasakite, Ladyhawke, Phantogram, etc) – Lardner, Victoria, Australia

Okay, that’s it. Have you already secure your own ticket? Which gig or festival that you want to attend this month? I hope you enjoy the gig and festival folks. Have fun and see you next year folks. 🙂



New Music From Oh Honey, Highasakite, and Tegan & Sara

Looking for some great music? Yes, I agree with my best friend, April totally a great month for finding some new musics. So many good musics and great albums has been released in this second week of April. It is really nice to see some duos or bands make their come back moment with a great music after years or even decades. So, do you want to know who has been released their new music and here we go..

Oh Honey – Healing

Okay, first news come from American indie folk-pop duo, Oh Honey. Yup, Mitchy Collins and Danielle Bouchard has returned with their new single called Healing. Healing is the duo’s first release since their last EP Wish You Were Here in 2015 and has been confirmed as the first single from their next music project which expected to be release sometime this year. Healing was released on 8th April and it is a cheerful and uplifting song that makes you want to get up and dance. I just straight to like it when the first time I heard the song. And have you seen the music video for healing? It’s totally refreshing when they describe the song with a relationship between human and his dog rather than a couple. I definitely can’t wait for their next album. So, while we wait for their new album, try to listen and see their music video of Healing 🙂

Highasakite – Golden Ticket

Another new music come from Norwegian indie electro-pop band, Highasakite. After two years since their last album Silent Treatment (2014), they finally released a single called Golden Ticket for their upcoming album Camp Echo. This album expected to be release in 20th May 2016. Golden Ticket is an electro-upbeat and very catchy song that makes you wanna sing and dance. If you haven’t heard their single yet, what are you waiting for. You can listen it here and tell us what do you think 🙂

Tegan and Sara – Boyfriend

Another American pop-duo, Tegan and Sara, also released their new single called Boyfriend for their upcoming album, Love You To Death. This album is their eighth album and will be released on 3rd June 2016. The news about Tegan and Sara’s new album has been a huge topic in Twitter last night. Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, Jack Antonoff, and everyone talked about it. So, if you haven’t heard their new single, you can listen it here and tell us what do you think 🙂


So, what do you think and what’s your favorite one so far? Tell us and share your music with us. Thank you and enjoy the music.