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Issues by Julia Michaels

Well, I have to admit that Shannon Beveridge’s playlist in Spotify already become my reference to find so many great songs lately. Maybe just in case you’re curious about her playlist, you can try to find in her Spotify account. She usually made a monthly playlist contain with many great songs to hear.

Okay, one song that always stuck in my mind lately is Issues from Julia Michaels. Issues is a down tempo love songs with irresistible melodies from strings instrument and electronic drum. The sound of snapping fingers also makes this song more interesting. Plus, Julia Michaels’ beautiful and smooth voice definitely wow. She collaborate with Benny Blanco, Justin Tranter, Tor Hermanson, and Mikkel Erikson to produce this song.

Maybe some of you never heard about Julia Michaels before. But, do you know she’s the person behind so many hit songs like Sorry (Justin Bieber), Dive (Ed Sheeran), and couple songs from Selena Gomez, Fifth Harmony, and Rita Ora? Yupp, Julia Michaels is the songwriter of those song. She usually collaborate with other songwriters like Justin Tranter, Kate Nash, and other musicians.

Well, if you haven’t heard about her music yet, I think you have to listen this song. Come on press the play button below and let us know your opinion about this song. Enjoy the music folks and thank you for already visiting Kustosica.