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Knock on My Door from Faouzia

Another Canadian musician just stole my eartention with her wonderful and absolutely irresistible music. Well, she is Faouzia, a 16-year old singer and songwriter from Manitoba, Canada. I accidentally found her music through Spotify and her debut single called Knock on My Door already hypnotized me until now. Although she just 16, but Faouzia already won an international songwriting competition who led her to signed a contract to management company. Faouzia definitely the next big thing and also the next rising stars. We have just to wait a little bit.

I absolutely sure you will be falling in love with her single Knock on My Door since the first time you hear the intro. The tunes of piano already gave unforgettable first impression. Then when Faouzia’s awesome and powerful voice collide with the tunes definitely makes me goosebumps from head to toe. The sound of percussion and trumpets makes everything so perfect and makes me falling deeper with the song. Definitely wow and honestly, I lost my words when the first I hear this song.

So, have you listen Faouzia’s debut single Knock on My Door? Well, you have to listen this song and I bet you will falling in love with every aspects of this song at the first play and get ready to push the replay button over and over again. Thank you for visiting Kustosica and enjoy the music.